Logitech K400 vs. K400 Plus Review

Deciding between the Logitech K400 and the K400 Plus? 

In this comparison, we’ll dive deep into the major differences between the two hugely popular keyboards to help you decide which one is right for you.

Logitech k400 and k400 plus are both sibling keyboards with only minimal differences between the two.

Both keyboards bring in great luxury for gamers, TV bingers, and travelers, as both are equipped with large touchpads, wonderful features, and have excellent designs. It is really difficult to choose the better one amongst them so here is our in-depth comparison of both mechanical keyboards along with their pros and cons.

Disclaimer: these keyboards are NOT mechanical. We are simply comparing them for those who cannot decide between the two.

Logitech K400

Logitech has removed the troublesome notion of stooping over a laptop or to get up and reach near the TV connected laptop for navigation. Now, sit in luxury and comfort, lean back and type conveniently or use the multi-touch navigation right from your couch. Logitech has made this keyboard especially for comfort, quality, and convenience.



With the Logitech K400, you can type quietly and comfortably. The keys are low-profile quiet ones, which allow you to use the keyboard conveniently in a quiet atmosphere or at night. The characters written on the keyboard are bright, white, and bold to maximize convenience and readability. The hot media keys such as the volume up, down, mute, and play buttons are there on the top of the keyboard which provides the user with convenient and comprehensive media control.

Intelligent Design

Logitech has built this keyboard in an amazing design that is compact and sleek. It feels perfect on the lap. Thus, as per the ergonomics of this keyboard are concerned, quite some progress is noticed. Moreover, the keyboard can be easily stored vertically to save space.

Wireless Control

The biggest benefit of this mechanical keyboard is its wireless long-range control capability. The range of its wireless connection is a whopping 33 feet. It comprises of the reliable Logitech 2.4 GHz wireless connection that allows you to control the functions of your laptop without even leaving your couch.

Built-in Touchpad

Logitech has provided the users with a very useful product in the form of K400 because it contains a built-in large 3.5- inch touchpad. Thus, no need for a mouse. The touchpad also supports horizontal and vertical scrolling since it allows multi-touch navigation. There are convenient left and right-click buttons below the touchpad.

Simple plug and play

With the hassle-less wireless connection, all you need is the Logitech unifying wireless receiver to be plugged into USB port and here starts the navigation from your K400 mechanical keyboard. The unifying wireless receiver can connect up to 6 compatible wireless devices. What’s great about the universal receiver is that it works with all compatible Logitech devices, reducing your USB usage.

Great Battery life

With two pre-installed AA batteries, the Logitech K400 keyboard provides you with a whopping one full year warranty. It also has a switch so that you can save power when the keyboard is not in use.



The Logitech K400 is compatible with the Windows Operating system but doesn’t support Android or Chrome OS.

Battery life is lesser

It has a good battery life of 1 year. However, if we compare it to the competitor Logitech model, k400 plus, then we come to know that k400 has a lesser battery life than the latter model.

Keyboard Dimensions

The competitor keyboard K400 plus has larger dimensions than k400.
Dimensions of k400: 5.35” x 13.9” x .94”.
Dimensions of k400 plus: 5.5” x 14” x 1.”

The Logitech k400 Plus

Plus is the next addition to the Logitech keyboard family which was very well received by the users just like k400 and has attained a lot of positive reviews.



According to the Amazon reviews, the users have liked the touchpad design of Logitech k400 plus more than that of k400. Instead of the line pattern, the yellow strip just above the touchpad buttons feels more sober and presentable


In contrast to the earlier model k400, the plus version has greater dimensions which are more convenient as the user gets bigger keypad buttons. On the other hand, if you prefer a smaller keyboard the K400 would be a better fit in this category.


This keyboard is compatible with Windows, Chrome as well as Android operating system, making it a universal option. As stated previously, the K400 is not compatible with Chrome or Android. But, if you plan on only using it for Windows, this may not matter.

Integrated Touchpad

No need for a mouse if you have k400 plus keyboard as it already provides an integrated touchpad with right and left click buttons. The keyboard supports a large 3.5-inch touchpad and also has the convenient and easy to access volume controls just above it which makes this keyboard good for entertainment control

Wireless Connection

The wireless connection has a range of 33 feet which is the same as that of the earlier model k400 and is sufficient to control the device in a large room. Again, this model uses Logitech’s universal USB receiver, making it a convenient option for those who already have Logitech products.

The Arrow Keys

To improve the design, the arrow keys are modernized in which the up and down keys are lowered in size while the shift button is made larger. This proves to be helpful and more convenient for gamers or general users.

Battery Life

The Logitech k 400 plus provides you with a whopping 18 months battery life which is a few years more than the former model k400. There is an ON/OFF switch on the keyboard too which allows you to save power when the keyboard is not in use.


Weight Penalty

By increasing the dimensions of Logitech k 400 plus, the weight of the mechanical keyboard is also increased then. K400 weighs 12.6 oz. whereas the k400 plus weighs 13.8 oz.

No USB range extender

There is no USB range extender in the included accessories of k400 plus while the USB range extender is included in k400.


Both keyboard models from Logitech have their unique pros and cons.

While both are identical in the technical aspects, the design aspects and aesthetics are a bit different from which we can assume that Logitech k400 plus is a better choice. Logitech k400 plus has owned the overall product recommendation by better design, ergonomics and battery life.

Most of the rest of features especially the technical ones are similar in both keyboard models. Logitech k400 plus has low-profile keys and can be stored upright too. Thus, the model is really good for use in the living room or small desktops. As expected, the Logitech K400 Plus is more expensive than its cousin the K400. But don’t let that fool you – both keyboards are very cheap and under $25 as of this writing.

Not only that, but both versions have more than 2,000 reviews with higher than 4/5 stars. That concludes our overview of Logitech’s K400 and K400 Plus. Feel free to leave a comment below!

To check out more information about the K400, see if here on Amazon. For the K400 Plus, see it here.