Corsair H70 Bluetooth Review: PACKED Full of Utility

The Corsair H70 Bluetooth is a newly-released version of an older headset model from Corsair.

Coming with tons of connectivity options and support for every gaming platform known to man, the HS70 is the swiss army knife of gaming headsets.

Let’s dive right into this review.

The Verdict (8/10): A Great Multi-Platform Headset

  • High-quality audio on PC
  • Conforms well to your head shape
  • Tons of connectivity options
  • Excellent cross-platform support
  • Sound quality drops when not on PC
  • Low breathability around the ears
  • Feels a little fragile

“The Corsair HS70 Bluetooth offers tons of utility and excellent sound performance.“

If you’re looking for a new headset this year, I would definitely consider the Corsair HS70 as a strong option.

The headset offers a wide variety of usages, including compatibility with the following devices:

  • Xbox One, Series X, and Series S
  • PS4 and PS5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PC, tablets, and mobile devices

But being the jack of all trades does come with a few drawbacks. You can’t be great at everything.

The HS70 really shines when it comes to being used on the PC in conjunction with the iCUE software. Otherwise, I found the sound quality and customization to be a bit lacking.

The comfort of the headset is pretty cozy.

The shape conforms well on your head and the ear pads provide a good seal around the ears. The memory foam also feels nice.

The only downside is the breathability is low, so if you’re not in a properly cooled space, your ears could get a bit hot and sweaty.

The build quality, while being made of decent material where everything feels high-end, does have a bit of fragility to it. I would be a afraid to twist, throw, or accidentally sit on the headset in fear of snapping the headband.

For most people, I would say this headset would be an excellent option, especially if you game on multiple platforms and want a multi-purpose headset that works on everything.

There are definitely a few downsides, but the number of features the headset offers at such at the current price point makes it a value-packed option for the right person. Especially those that primarily game on PC.

We’ll go over everything in more detail so you can figure out exactly what this headset has to offer.

You can find the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth on Amazon for a good price.

Corsair HS70 BLUETOOTH Wired Gaming Headset with Bluetooth (Wired Compatibility with Xbox/PlayStation and Wireless Bluetooth with PC/Switch/iOS/Android, Up to 30 Hours of Battery Life) Carbon,Black
  • Simultaneously connect to wired gaming audio on ps5, ps4, xbox series x, xbox series s, xbox one,...
  • Connect with either high-fidelity 24bit/96khz usb wired, 3.5mm, or bluetooth wireless.
  • High-quality, custom-tuned 50mm neodymium audio drivers deliver superb sound quality with the range...

Included In The Box

Coming with the headset, you get a few add-ins to help with connectivity and access to some of the different functions.

The HS70 came with more in the box than usual, so let’s start sorting through it all.

In the box, you get:

A detachable boom microphone: A flexible and detachable boom mic is included. It has a cover for the tip of the microphone to help improve sound quality.

3.5 mm Aux Cable: A braided auxiliary cable is included. The quality feels really nice and allows you to connect via auxiliary.

USB Cable: A USB-C to USB-A cable is included for either charging or connecting via USB. The cable is black-colored, braided, and quite durable.

User Manual: Walks you through all of the different connectivity options and how to change the settings.

Warranty Guide: Pretty self-explanatory. I don’t think I’ve ever actually read one of these before. (Is that bad?)

Anyways, now that we’ve covered everything in the box, let’s talk about the dirty details. The comfort.

How Comfortable is The HS70?

Comfort is king when it comes to headsets.

If your headset doesn’t sit well on your head you should return it right away.

So how does the Corsair HS70 stack up when it comes to comfort? Honestly, it’s not bad.

The memory foam is soft and offers a lot of support around the ears. The headband is equally soft and makes my head feels cradled inside.

The fit is also snug. The headset conforms around your head and provides a good seal around the ears. The adjustability makes it great for varying head sizes and shapes.

I did find the headset got a bit hot after continued usage, especially around the ears.

While providing good comfort, the memory foam material was not the most breathable. In my warm home, I found my ears got overheated and a bit sweaty after the first two hours of usage.

If you enjoy playing in a cooler environment, this will be less of an issue but for those in warmer climates, you may run into some issues with heat developing around the ears.

The HS70 could definitely benefit from better breathability, but on the flipside everything is snug.

Excellent Sound Quality… In Some Situations

At first, I connected the headset via auxiliary through a DAC/Amp stack because I wanted to give the HS70 the best opportunity to sound great.

To my surprise, I found the sound quality to be lacking. Everything sounded a bit muddy and inaccurate. It turns out, when connected via Bluetooth or auxiliary, the signal sent is not as high-quality.

A little disappointed, I gave the headset another chance and connected via USB.

And BAM! The sound quality instantly improved, a TON.

Connecting through USB is like night and day when it comes to the sound quality. It really gives this headset an opportunity to shine.

A bit more intrigued at this point, I decided to pop open the software and tweak the equalizer settings.

When coming out the box, most gaming headsets are tuned heavily for gaming, so overly-bassy with the mid-ranges lacking. With access to the equalizer, I was able to get an excellent sound signature and a very fun music listening experience.

The only downside? You can only use the software when connected to PC and the software needs to be open the entire time.

This leads to two problems:

1) The headset sounds way better on PC than other platforms.

2) You need to keep the software open at all times (which is quite CPU intensive).

If you’re looking to primarily listen to music and game on your PC, this headset is definitely a good option. Otherwise, getting a platform-specific headset is probably a better idea.

The sound is good in the right situations, otherwise it’s a bit lacking.

OK Build Quality, Great Style

The headset is primarily a plastic build with a few memory foam components – all colored a sleek dark black.

There are few accents of yellow which really tie the design together and strongly support Corsair’s branding in a satisfying way.

The back of the ear cups have a textured triangular design which almost make the headset look open-backed, when in fact it’s close backed. I suppose Corsair really liked the look of the popular open back headset designs.

Overall, I’m a big fan of the style and I’ll always opt for a more sleek minimalistic look over an over-the-top gamer aesthetic any day of the week.

The build quality, however, is a little suspect.

I found the headset band didn’t twist that far without feeling like it could break and the earcups only twist a short distance.

I would be apprehensive to throw, drop, or accidentally sit on the headset in fear of breaking it.

While the build quality isn’t horrible, there are definitely better built headsets in the same price range. Especially if your buying it for a younger kid, I would perhaps opt for something a bit more robust.

The Weakest Link – The Microphone

The microphone was by far the weakest point of the headset.

But first, here’s what I liked about the microphone.

The microphone is detachable and connects underneath the left ear. Once connected, the boom mic reaches all the way to the corner of your mouth, the perfect position for talking. The flexible material allows you to position it carefully. This design is simple, optimal, and ideal. Great for most gamers.

The only downside is the sound quality.

I was surprised by how inaccurate my voice was when listening back. The sound was very distorted.

The higher-pitched “ssss” noises were super sharp and made a hissing noise. Definitely not the best option out there.

If you don’t chat with friends very much, perhaps you can overlook this aspect of the design, but if you are constantly chatting – I would go with a dedicated mic instead.

Tons Of Connectivity and Platform Options

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this headset is the fact that you can use with almost every gaming platform on the market.

Whether that be Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile, etc – the sky is really the limit.

With so much utility packed into the headset it’s hard to say no to such a comprehensive product.

You can even connect through auxiliary, Bluetooth, and USB cable. (USB is the best, as mentioned before).

If you’re looking for a headset that works with all of your tech, definitely consider the Corsair HS70.


  • High-quality audio on PC
  • Conforms well to your head shape
  • Tons of connectivity options
  • Excellent cross-platform support
  • Sound quality drops when not on PC
  • Low breathability around the ears
  • Feels a little fragile
  • Poor microphone quality

The Corsair HS70 offers an interesting value proposition that many other similar products don’t offer.

The ability to be used in almost every situation make the headset versatile and super convenient.

When used in the right situations, the sound quality is very good and outperforms most gaming headsets at a similar price point. When connected through auxiliary or Bluetooth, however, the sound quality definitely suffers.

For this reason, it can be used in many applications, but only excels in a few.

The comfort of the headset is quite nice although it does get a bit warm after prolonged usage. Not to mention, the build quality can feel fragile when twisted or turned in the wrong situations. The microphone also needs improvement.

Although there is are a few issues with the headset, I do believe they can be overlooked if you’re looking for a headset that works for almost every situation.

If you’re constantly switching between different gaming platforms and you need a one-size fits all option the Corsair HS70 fills those shoes perfectly.

If you’re interested in checking the headset out, you can find the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth on Amazon through this link.