Best mechanical keyboard for typing 2017

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Best mechanical keyboard for typing 2017

Mechanical keyboards aren’t just for gaming – many people look to buy them to type faster or more accurately. The feedback you get from a mechanical keyboard assists with these goals, but which mechanical keyboard is the best for typing?

In this guide, we’ll answer that question for you and give you some suggestions while taking into consideration ergonomic features, prices, and reviews (updated for 2017). You can also check out our guides on the best programming mechanical keyboards or best wireless mechanical keyboards to buy for reviews.


Best Mechanical Switches for Typing

cherry mx blue switch

When it comes to typing, the type of mechanical switches can make a big difference. The main component to a great typing keyboard is the tactile feedback the keys give you. That’s why Cherry MX Blue switches are the most preferred switches for typing.

They have a nice physical “bump” you can feel when the keys activate, allowing your body to be certain that the key has been registered. The actuation force is strong enough that you won’t mistakenly activate the keys while skimming over them, but not too strong that it will fatigue your fingers.

cherry mx brown

The next best switch for typing is the Cherry MX Brown switches. These have a similar feedback to the Blues but take less pressure to activate. The Browns are also don’t make a clicky sound from the switch being pressed, so they’ll be a bit quieter than the Blues.

If you’d like to quickly find a great keyboard with Brown or Blue switches, check out our chart to compare the best mechanical keyboards. Otherwise, check out our guide below for suggestions on the best mechanical keyboards for typing in 2017.


Best Mechanical Keyboards for Typing


CM Storm Quickfire Compact Mechanical Keyboard

This unique mechanical keyboard from Cooler Master offers a unique compact keyboard, which is great for ergonomics that a typist likely craves. It combines the command, directional keys, and the numpad so you keep the functionality you need but with a much smaller footprint.

It also comes with the much important Cherry MX Blue switches (also available in Brown, too). We feel like these unique features make this our top pick mechanical keyboard for typing. For gaming or general typists who like nice ergonomic keyboards, this is one of the most popular keyboards and has great reviews (it’s also a cheap buy!).

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CODE Mechanical Keyboard

We’re a big fan of the ultimate CODE mechanical keyboards due to their minimalist design approach and design decisions like using a timeless font on the keys. This full mechanical keyboard offers backlit keys and Cherry MX Brown switches. Popular among gamers and typists, CODE gives mechanical keyboards a nice experience and is well suited for heavy use.

This keyboard feels solid to the touch and will withstand years of banging on the keys. Be sure to view our full length review of the CODE 104-key mechanical keyboard.

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Das Keyboard 4 Professional

If you want a mechanical keyboard with all the bells and whistles, look no further. This mechanical keyboard comes with Cherry MX Blue switches as well as an aluminum body and built-in USB 3.0 hub. If you have to work with flash drives often, it’s a god send to be able to quickly swap them in and out of your keyboard versus reaching around your computer to find the right slot (perfect for gaming).

You can check out the video below of me typing 95WPM on my Das Keyboard 4 Pro with Blue switches, and read our full Das Keyboard 4 review as well.

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That finishes up our roundup of the best mechanical keyboards for typing in 2017! We hope you found the right mechanical keyboard for you, be sure to let us know if there are other keyboards you prefer! You don’t have to be gaming just to get mechanical keyboards. The type of keyboards a person has depends on their needs. If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard for Mac we a great guide on that as well.


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