Jellykey Constellation Keycap and PMK Grab Bags

Greeting mechanical keyboard fiends!

We’ve got some fun news regarding keycaps today.

If you were willing to sign up for the Jellykey Constellation drop on Massdrop, then your shipment should be arriving very soon! Ours came in today and it looks as beautiful as promised. If you haven’t signed up for Massdrop yet, you can get a free account so you can get in on future drops!

Jellykey Constellation Photos

We went with the Bellatrix blue keycap, which sparkles like mad in the sun.

jellykey bellatrix constellation

As you can see above, the little wooden container it comes in as a really nice touch.

jellykey mechanical keycap
jellykey on marble keycap

Finally, here it is on a mechanical keyboard.

jellykey on keyboard

Overall, we’re very impressed with the quality of this keycap. The outside finish is really glossy and polished, and I can’t find any visible imperfections on the top or sides of the key.

We have seen multiple reports from users who bought the Red Constellation keycaps that their stems are faulty and don’t fit Cherry MX switches from being too small. Jellykey appears to bee aware of the issue, and will work with you to get a resolution. It looks like the best place to contact them would either be through your Massdrop “transactions” page, or you could try their Facebook page.

Here’s a shot of the bottom of our Jellykey –

jellykey constellation bottom

Pimp My Keyboard Grab Bags

In other hot keycap news, Pimp My Keyboard is having one of their popular grab bag sales. You may be displeased to find that they’ve increased the price of the grab bags from $35 to $75, citing the popularity of the grab bags and that the keycaps are generally of higher quality today than when they first set the $35 price tag.

pmk grab bag

They did say that they will lower the price in $5 increments as time goes on until they reach a final price of $50, but it’s likely that the grab bags sell out long before then. PMK says they have 1,100 people waiting to be notified of the sale and only 250 bags for purchase.

The sale starts on October 19th at noon Pacific time.

As an added bonus to the grab bags, 8 lucky buyers will receive this special glow-in-the-dark keycap mixed into their bag –

pmk glow in the dark

Not only do these lucky recipients get an awesome glow in the dark keycap, but they will receive a $150 gift card to Pimp My Keyboard!