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Corsair STRAFE RGB Review

Corsair’s latest gaming keyboard, the STRAFE, is available in an RGB model that I got my hands on for this review. It’s a great mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, and it’s priced a bit cheaper than a Corsair K70 RGB. You can see where we compare these two mechanical keyboards in our Corsair STRAFE vs K70 article.

After having tried the Corsair STRAFE RGB for quite some time, I can say that this mechanical keyboard is perfect for gaming. It even has the option to be silent if you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard for just everyday use (see below). Corsair has made quite a few mechanical keyboards and now that I’ve reviewed a few of them, I know they’re the real deal. Check out my unboxing and in-depth review of the Corsair STRAFE RGB mechanical keyboard below.

Unboxing the Corsair STRAFE RGB


The flashy Corsair STRAFE box tells you all about it from the outside.

STRAFE open box

Here’s the Corsair RGB STRAFE box opened up, ready to be unpacked.

Corsair STRAFE components

All the Corsair STRAFE components unpacked, on display. One mechanical keyboard, a set of gaming keys and keycap puller, quick start guide, and warranty information.

Cherry MX switches

Here’s a shot of the Cherry MX Silent switches with a clear housing. The LED is actually under the switch, as opposed to many backlit switches which have the LED externally placed above or below the actual switch. The backplate is painted white for maximum reflection.

Corsair STRAFE side view

From the side, you can see the profile of the keys. I love the ergonomics of the mechanical keyboard rows not sloping up at a steep angle. The white plastic panel on the side of the keyboard is a glossy plastic, and the top panel is a more rugged and textured matte plastic.

Corsair STRAFE texture keys

The included gaming keycaps, along with the spacebar and wrist rest have a textured, rubber grip to them which I actually find enjoyable for gaming.

Corsair STRAFE back

The bottom of the keyboard is nothing crazy. It would have been nice to have bigger rubber pads, and rubber padding on the legs for those with slippery desks.

corsair STRAFE usb pass through

Here’s a view of the USB pass-through on the back of the STRAFE. You’ll notice the USB cable for this keyboard is quite thick and non-detachable.

USB cables for STRAFE

In order for the USB pass-through to work, you’ll need to plug in a 2nd USB cable to your PC.

Corsair STRAFE lit up

Finally, here’s a shot of the RGB mechanical keyboard lit up. It’s hard to capture the lights in images, so check out the video below to see what these RGB backlights are capable of!

Pretty awesome, eh? The Corsair STRAFE RGB has 9 special built-in lighting effects. You can also set individual custom backlighting on the keys, which work in correspondence with some of the lighting effects. In the video above, I left the custom lighting set to no backlights, so when you’re seeing keys not lit up that’s why.

Cherry MX Silent Switches

One of the biggest draws of this mechanical keyboard is the Cherry MX Silent switches which are currently exclusive to the Corsair STRAFE RGB. These switches are similar to Cherry MX Reds. It has a light and linear activation force of 45 cN, but where it differs from regular Cherry MX Reds is an internal “tappet” that helps suppress noise when the switch bottoms out and comes back up. The silent switches are great if you prefer a quieter type of mechanical keyboard.

In my experience, it really does make a big difference with the sound from these switches. These are definitely the quietest Cherry MX switches available today. You can hear me go to town on these keys in the video below.

Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Keyboard Overall Verdict

Overall, the Corsair STRAFE RGB mechanical keyboard is one of the best gaming mechanical keyboards you’ll find today. For the price, it’s the best gaming RGB mechanical keyboard you’ll find. With an excellent rating on Amazon and great customer reviews (as well as my own), this RGB mechanical keyboard by Corsair is an easy buy. Perfect for upping your mechanical keyboard game.

One of the design decisions I most appreciate with this mechanical keyboard is how low-key and professional the keyboard looks when the backlights are turned off. The case is very simplistic and streamlined, and Corsair lets the user decide how crazy to get by customizing the RGB backlights.

If you’re looking to get a Corsair STRAFE RGB, I would recommend going with the Red or Silent switches, depending on your preference. I would say that Reds are a slightly better for gaming and aren’t that loud if you type softly, but if the sound is a big factor for you then the Silent switches are a good choice.

Hope you enjoyed my review of the Corsair STRAFE RGB! If you’re looking for other Corsair mechanical keyboard reviews, check out my article here.