Matias Tactile Pro for Mac 2 Cover Image With Details

A Mac Keyboard Alternative – Matias Tactile Pro Review

  • Alps mechanical switches instead of Cherry MX
  • The keys are laser etched and don’t fade as the printed ones do
  • The mechanical keyboard is compatible with both Mac and PC
  • The keyboard is on the pricey side
  • The keyboard has a retro aesthetic

Unboxing Matias Tactile Pro for Mac

Matias Tactile Pro for Mac is hailed as one of the better and user-friendly mechanical keyboards by Matias.

It comes well packed in an elegant box. The very first thing you will notice on opening the box is the systematic and ergonomic arrangement of this mechanical keyboard.

This mechanical keyboard has Alp switches which are more tactile than cherry MX switches.

You will notice the fine glossy finish of the plastic body and robust buildup that Matias Tactile Pro is famous for. It uses the same premium keyswitch technology that Apple generally uses in its original keyboard.

Matias Tactile Pro mechanical keyboard is designed for Mac. The Alps switches used in the keyboard are very much similar to the ones in Apple MacBook. Even the curvature of the keyboard is more like an original Apple keyboard and the fonts look almost italicized like the ones in Mac. Moreover, Tactile Pro has a direct influence of the conventional Apple Extended Keyboard – II in terms of switches and the positioning of USBs.

The typing comfort gives you the feel of the Apple keyboards as the shape of the keyboard is similar. It slopes down a little. You don’t need an ADB to USB converter for Matias Tactile Pro as you need in other mechanical keyboards. To sum up, Matias Tactile Pro’s compatibility with Mac is like no other. Good news for the Mac users is that even though it’s a bit pricey, it costs less than the original Apple keyboards.

Build Quality – Top Notch

Despite a plastic make, this model is more robust than the previous models by Matias.

The finishing looks pretty good and the keyboard is shiny. The color of the switches is off-white but the rest of the portion is pure white, which looks a little odd.

Matias has included the best quality keys here with laser etched keycaps. The space between the keys is apt but somehow the keys end up sticking. It’s a problem with the build and not the keys.

When you wiggle the keys, they don’t stay in their position and tend to rotate, which is a bit of disappointment in this mechanical keyboard.

Unlike keyboards by Corsair, the keys are not flat but a little inclined which makes them rotate.

When it comes to the typing experience, keys are quite satisfying as you will be comfortable while typing. The metal springs used underneath lead to the tactile bump which becomes the top feature of this mechanical keyboard. If you are a gamer then you can hardly expect a build better than what Matias offers in Tactile Pro for Mac.

Moreover, this mechanical keyboard has curved edges and the protruding stands provided below make it sit solidly on the desk. The Matias Tactile Pro is an expensive keyboard but it does not have a metal body. This is a matter of disappointment for some users.

However, the overall quality of the build is excellent which makes Tactile Pro a durable mechanical keyboard.

Switches of Matias Tactile Pro for Mac

This mechanical keyboard comes with a tighter integration with Mac OS X when it comes to the switches.

The Alps Mechanical Switches will allow you to control screen brightness, volume on iTunes and other stuff which the former models from Matias didn’t offer.

There is an Fn key which will let you momentarily change the function keys back to their usual functionality. Matias Tactile Pro for Mac makes it easier to find symbols for trademark, copyright etc. It’s a minor plus-point that surfaces when you are typing an official application or a review where you need to use all those symbols.

These Alps mechanical switches are laser etched. The symbols never wear off from the keyboard because of the laser switches. This particular quality enhances the life of the switches in terms of appearance.

The Numpad has got a new design which trades number lock for a much more useful tab key. The number keyboard is easily accessible and comes handy during data entry.

The dampening mechanism of the switches is one of the drawbacks of this mechanical keyboard. As mentioned earlier, the switches seem to rotate and stick. They are way too loud in this keyboard, especially when you compare it with Matias Quiet Pro for Mac.

Keycap Quality

Keycap quality in Matias Tactile Pro for Mac is a bit of an issue. There is a new trend in keyboards in which the keys are generally flat and wide with very little or no space between them.

These keys are more like the ones you will find in laptops.

However, in Matias Tactile Pro for Mac, the keys are not flat and they are sculpted like the traditional ones. They are the best fit for your fingertips and keep them absolved of sliding down. This comes off as an irritation when you need to continuously type.

Overall Design of the Mechanical Keyboard

Design of Matias Tactile Pro for Mac

The layout of Matias Tactile Pro for Mac is quite good as it has the standard ANSI Mac layout with more keys and functions.

The best thing about the design of this mechanical keyboard is that it is not unnecessarily clustered with labels and branding. The icons are positioned perfectly, and the curvature of the keyboard makes it more ergonomic.

There are three USB 2.0 ports from which two are positioned on either side and one is placed on the backside of the keyboard. On the whole, with keys systematically arranged and ample of blank spaces on the keyboard, Tactile Pro has a classic design.

The Special Feature [Anti-ghosting Circuitry]

In most of the keyboards, you can press only so many keys at once. Such keyboards often fail to keep up with fast typists. This results in typos. This is called ghosting as you will find some letters missing from the write-up or some additional letters that you never wanted.

Matias Tactile Pro for Mac comes up with a feature known as Anti-ghosting Circuity which is also known as n-Key Revolver. This feature eliminates such typing problems, and so, you will be able to type as fast as you like without any errors.

Editor’s Opinion

Implementing Alps keys instead of Cherry MX ones is a good value addition by Matias.

However, the hassle you will face while typing due to the sticking of keys is annoying, especially because of the high price of the product.

Overall, Matias Tactile Pro for Mac is still a great mechanical keyboard for Mac users. It also works well with PC. This keyboard gives good competition to Corsair and Razor when it comes to gaming.

If you’re on the lookout for a keyboard upgrade or replacement for your Mac, then this is definitely worth a shot. This is one of the few keyboards are designed specifically for Mac users – its function keys and aesthetic are perfect for the Mac.