EasySMX GK82 Review: A Fun Low-Profile(ish) Keyboard

The EasySMX GK82 is a wireless tenkeyless mechanical keyboard with a monochrome LED backlight and sleek design. The keyboard comes with a detachable USB-C cable, double-injection keycaps, and Outemu switches.

We’re excited to review this keyboard, so let’s jump right in!

The Verdict: 8/10

  • Wireless connectivity with 2.4G
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED Backlight
  • Outemu switches
  • Single-color LED
  • Not a fan of keycap design

The EasySMX GK82 is a wireless TKL mechanical keyboard made for the purpose of gaming. The keyboard has an interesting floating keycap design and is almost a hybrid between a low-profile keyboard and a normal one. The shorter than usual keycaps mixed with the standard switch design make for a fun gaming and typing experience.

The wireless connection is very easy to set up with the USB dongle included in the box. You simply plug the USB into your PC and pair the keyboard, easy as pie.

The keyboard also comes with a slightly angled case design making the keyboard feel comfortable and ergonomic. The lower to the ground design also makes the GK82 easier on the wrists, perfect for long play sessions.

The only aspect of the keyboard we were not a fan of was the keycap design, as the aesthetic didn’t really fit our preferences. I’m sure it won’t be an issue for most, just a personal preference. Not a big fan of the super gamer look.

The switches are also produced by Outemu which gives you the experience of a mechanical switch, they just aren’t quite as long-lasting.

You can find this keyboard on the EasySMX website if you are interested in checking it out for yourself. The keyboard is budget-friendly and doesn’t break the bank. Included is a 12% discount on the product to make the product even more affordable!

In The Box

Coming along with the EasySMX GK82 were a few additional add-ins to make the experience with the keyboard a bit more streamlined. The box had the following components:

  • Plastic keycap puller: The keycap puller makes it really easy to remove and replace the keycaps on this keyboard so you can customize the look to your own taste. I do prefer a wire keycap puller as the plastic design can scratch the sides of your keycaps if you’re not careful.
  • Detachable USB-C cable: The cable is detachable which allows for you to easily charge the keyboard and unplug to switch to wireless mode. In addition, you can easily plug in the cable as the USB-C port is reversible.
  • USB dongle: The USB dongle makes it convenient to connect the device to your computer. Perfect for those who want to game wirelessly without having to worry about having Bluetooth connection. The 2.4G is also quite fast and better for gaming.

Overall, the add-ins are pretty standard, but EasySMX does a good job providing you with the essentials. So far I’m liking the keyboard and the overall design.

Build Quality

The build quality of the keyboard is pretty nice. It features a plastic case with an aluminum top plate give the case more structural rigidity. The case does have a bit of flex to it, but with such a thin keyboard it makes sense. For a budget build, the overall case quality is pretty good.

I also enjoy the slightly angled design, as typing on a fully flat keyboard can be uncomfortable at times. The angled case makes it easier to see the legends as you’re typing and make it more comfortable to game on for long play sessions. The keyboard also has adjustable feet on the bottom to raise and lower the keyboard.

The main aspect of the case design I did not like was the branding on the side. The EasySMX logo is printed onto a yellow rubber insert which is easily removable. My guess is that this keyboard is sold under other brand names as well, so making the rubber inter-changeable makes it super easy to produce for multiple companies.

There is an additional rubber pad on the bottom that also doubles as a pad to keep the keyboard from sliding. It has the brand name along with a disclaimer saying the keyboard follows the FCC Rules. Kind of interesting, most keyboards don’t display that info in such a visual way. Usually it’s integrated somewhere inside the keyboard, but perhaps they are selling the keyboard internationally and want to be able to replace the rubber padding depending on the country it’s shipped to. I’m not entirely sure, just a few observations.

The Switches

The switches included are Outemu Blue and are the only options. The Blue switches are clicky and quite loud. Not ideal for gaming in close proximity to others or taking the keyboard into the office for work. It could make a good options for working from home or using in an isolated area.

I would have liked to see other switch options such as Brown or Red so you can go for a tactile or linear option. Being stuck with only clicky can be a turn-off to a large number of people. The other quieter switch options could make this keyboard more versatile to use in a variety of different environements.

Outemu switches are also pretty standard when getting a budget mechanical keyboard. While not being the best switch, they get the job done and offer the mechanical switch experience. The only downside is they tend to be a bit more rattily and don’t last as long as Cherry MX switches. But for such a low-price keyboard you can’t really complain about the switch type.

Wireless Connectivity

As mentioned before, you have the option to either use the keyboard wireless or wired. The wireless connection is perfect for those who want a keyboard that is portable. The tenkeyless layout (no number pad) also adds to the overall portability, so the compact layout and wireless connectivity complement each other nicely.

If you want to hook your PC up to your TV and game from your couch, the keyboard is perfect as the 2.4G connection is quite fast and you don’t need to worry about a cable.

The USB-C cable included in the box is quite nice as well. The cable is braided, which helps it last longer and prevents it from sustaining damages. The ends are also gold-plated which adds to the aesthetic and is a nice touch. The USB-A head also has an interesting angled/rounded design which looks pretty cool.


  • Wireless connectivity with 2.4G
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • LED Backlight
  • Outemu switches
  • Single-color LED
  • Not a fan of keycap design

The design of the EasySMX GK82 is really nice for a budget mechanical keyboard. The subtle mix between a low-profile and normal-sized keyboard is an interesting choice and separates the keyboard from other similar designs.

The ergonomic design makes the keyboard more fun to use for longer play sessions and better for typing. Being able to work or game wirelessly is also a huge added benefit of this keyboard, as it can be difficult to find such a cheap keyboard that is tenkeyless with a 2.4G connection and has mechanical switches.

The monochrome backlight is also a nice touch and it makes it easier to see the keycaps when gaming at night, but we would have really liked to see some RGB included as well. The customized lights would have been a really nice touch.

In addition, a cleaner keycap design would have made us like the keyboard much more, but that’s a bit nit-picky on our part.

Overall the keyboard makes an excellent choice for those who need a mechanical keyboard that has a fast wireless connection and doesn’t break the bank. You can find the EasySMX GK82 on EasySMX for a really good price.