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Best Topre keyboard from 2017

Best Topre keyboard from 2017

Best Topre keyboard switches for 2017 list (See below for my Topre switch guide and pros and cons):

CoolMaster Storm NovaTouch TKL



Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2



Topre Realforce 104UB


A Guide to Topre Switches

Topre switches are an electrostatic capacitive non-contact keyboard switch, which has been around since the 80s. Some people don’t consider Topre to be a true mechanical switch, but more of a hybrid of a mechanical switch and a rubber-dome switch. You can see in the diagram below, both a spring and a rubber dome are used in the design.

topre switch diagram

Most of the resistance of the Topre switch comes from the rubber dome, however, Topre rubber domes are built to a much higher quality and standard than your standard rubber membrane keyboard.

Topre is the biggest competitor to Cherry MX style mechanical switches, but have a decided disadvantage in that the keyboards that use them are so expensive! While prices have been dropping, many keyboards that use Topre switches are still over $200. If that breaks your bank, take a look at some alternatives. There are a few notable exceptions, like the CoolerMaster NovaTouch, which we’ll talk about shortly.

Ultimately, whether or not a Topre keyboard is worth the money for you to spend on it will come down to your personal preference. It’s hard to say if Topre is right for you without trying one out yourself.

Below is a video where you can get a feel for the difference in the sound of a mechanical switch vs Topre. Topre switches have a much deeper sound and are generally quieter.

Why Get Topre Keyboards?

Some people like the feel and quiet sound of Topre switches. Another reason one would want a Topre keyboard is the fact that Topre switches are more rare and costly. Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts like having keyboards that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Lastly, preference of the switches are the most important thing. If you’re typing or gaming for long amounts of time, you’ll want a keyboard that feels the most comfortable. Due to it’s high price and uncommon nature, Topre keyboards are sometimes considered a premium keyboard (though this definitely debatable).


With all that background covered, let’s jump into the review of the best Topre keyboards for 2017!


CoolerMaster Storm NovaTouch TKL

The CoolerMaster Storm NovaTouch TKL is both the best cheap Topre keyboard and best overall Topre keyboard on our list, not that the NovaTouch is cheap in comparison to non-Topre keyboards!

One thing we love about the NovaTouch is the tenkeyless (TKL) layout, as well as the Cherry MX compatible stems. Unlike other Topre keyboards, you can use the same keycaps that you would use on a Cherry MX keyboard. This opens up a world of keyboard customization that is mostly shut off with standard Topre stems.

The CM NovaTouch TKL also comes with O-rings for the keycaps (you have to install yourself), if you want a more quiet typing experience.

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Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

The Happy Hacking Keyboard (or just HHKB) is a very popular, ultra-compact mechanical keyboard in the 60% form factor. For such a small keyboard, it may be hard for many people to stomach the high price tag.

The HHKB has a built-in USB 2.0 hub with 2 ports and a unique layout. For example, there’s no Caps Lock key, you must access that by holding down a function key and pressing Tab. Here’s how PFU describes the HHKB layout –

We eliminated dedicated CAPS LOCK, Windows key and numerical key pad. About function keys, we overlaid them on numerical keys. Some other keys such as PageUp, PageDown, Home are also overlaid on some keys on the right half of the keyboard. To generate these key codes, please keep holding “Fn” key located right below RETURN key and press appropriate keys.

This model has 65 keys because of addition of arrow keys and Fn key at left side of keyboard.

So clearly you’ll want to spend some time thinking about if such a compact layout will work best for you or not. Many people who prefer this keyboard are actually computer programmers.

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Topre Realforce 104UB

The Realforce 104UB is made directly by the Topre company and is also available in a [amazon text=87-key&asin=B00MV84Y2Y] version. One interesting thing about the Realforce keyboards is the switches have different stiffness depending on where they are on the keyboard. Keys towards the center of the keyboard are stiffer, and keys towards the outside where primarily your pinky will do the typing are much lighter. This is an interesting characteristic that I’ve only seen with Realforce.

This makes for a more ergonomic typing experience that some will enjoy, but others may find annoying. Those that love it swear it’s the best typing keyboard they’ve ever tried, so if it sounds interesting it’s worth a shot.

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Other options

The three Topre keyboards that we reviewed above are what we consider the overall best Topre keyboards of 2017. If you’re hesitant to purchase Topre keyboards due to their price, its reasonable. Check out the Amazon reviews for some extra info or confidence in your purchase. If you don’t see anything that interests you, due to price or style, check out our list of the best mechanical keyboards. We cover pretty much everything except Topre because it’s so expensive.


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