5 Best Custom Keyboard Cases For Your Phone/Tablet!

It’s about time that we finally did a list of the best possible keyboard cases for your phone – a handy accessory that will transform your phone experience forever.

While some companies are striving hard to outdo each other in terms of quality by reinventing new ways to provide a better user experience in mechanical keyboards, some companies are also creating custom keyboard cases for different devices.

These custom keyboard cases enable access to all the facilities of the device and essentially turn your phone/device into a full-fledged computer. Furthermore, these custom keyboard cases a different metal plate which makes the accessory more robust. In this list of the 5 best custom keyboard cases available on Amazon, we’ll go into detail as to how they can help improve your typing experience.

This list has been created considering three important factors that highly influence the choice of custom keyboard cases and purchasing decisions of customers:

Build Quality

Solid build quality ensures the longevity of custom keyboard cases. In this list, we have emphasized the quality of material used and how it makes the keyboard sturdy.


Not all keyboards go well with a particular device, but we have individually scrutinized all the custom keyboard cases so that you can rest assured that the one you buy will provide access to all the facilities in your device.

Value for Money

This is not the list consisting of the best custom keyboard cases available on Amazon because that will also be the most expensive ones in the market. We have customized the list with keyboards that are worth the price quoted and serve the purpose of the buyer.

5 Best Custom Keyboard Cases

1. Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

Access to all the facilities in iPad ProThe integrated cover is difficult to remove
Great typing experience 
Water repellent 

You do not need a separate charging USB cord or Bluetooth to connect Logitech Keyboard case with your iPad because this keyboard case is charged by the iPad itself, thereby making both the devices one entity.

The keyboard case has a slick design and provides accessibility to all the facilities in iPad Pro. It is important to note that the custom case is only compatible with iPad Pro which is 12.9 inches in size.

The backlighting can be customized as it has adjustable brightness which you can change according to your requirement. Even though the keyboard case has solid build quality, it is lightweight. The keyboard case is water repellent; so, you don’t need to worry about water spillage, and it also provides protection to your iPad.

With a camera, headphone access, and a hole that enables four-speaker audio; Logitech keyboard bridges the gap between necessity and luxury.

This keyboard case also enables a natural viewing angle, a quality that makes it ergonomic. The best part about the custom keyboard is that it provides a terrific typing experience. Apart from that, the auto wakes up and sleep feature acts as a battery saver. The anodized aluminum structure makes this custom keyboard even more robust. All in all, for an iPad Pro owner, Logitech Create keyboard case happens to be an indispensable accessory.

You can find Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case on Amazon for an affordable price.

2. Bige Galaxy Tab S 10.5 Wireless Keyboard Case

Solid build quality with top quality ABSplastic materialA bit heavier than youwould expect
Bluetooth Keyboard 
Access to all the facilities in GalaxyTab S 10.5 

The computer accessory company Bige comes up with a wireless keyboard case customized for Galaxy Tab S10.5.

The keyboard has facilities that allow you to set up and synchronize it with the device. The material used in the manufacturing of the keyboard case is high-quality ABS plastic which makes it sturdy and also enhances the durability. Furthermore, it is removable and rechargeable.

The best part about the custom keyboard case that, even though Bige has designed it for Galaxy Tab S10.5, it also works well with iOS, albeit with limited access to the facilities. In Galaxy Tab S10.5, it provides access to all the facilities including the functions like volume and brightness control.

The keyboard is made of synthetic leather material which enables a fine grip when you are holding it. Furthermore, the keyboard case has a firm magnetic closure, so, there is no fear of tab falling from the case. It provides a great typing experience and feels more like a laptop keyboard. The keys are positioned at an optimum distance, and they don’t stick. The F and J keyboard bumps are palpable enough to help you position your left and right hand without looking at the keyboard.

All in all, for someone who uses Galaxy Tab S 10.5, this custom keyboard case is a great buy.

3. Zagg Rugged Hinged Keyboard Case for iPad Mini/Mini Retina

Robust bodyMakes the iPad Mini & keyboardassembly heavy
Great quality of switches 
Multiple viewing angles 

With this hinged keyboard case designed for iPad Mini, Zagg provides an excellent accessory for iPad Mini.

It is a wireless keyboard case which works on Bluetooth. The material used in this keyboard case is tough polycarbonate and soft silicone which protects iPad Mini or Mini Retina from wear and tear. There is a magnetic hinge which holds the iPad and protects it from falling down. The keyboard case has lithium battery which will provide as much as two years of typing.

There are backlighting in the keys which enable a great typing experience even in the dark. Moreover, you can count on the quality of switches used in this keyboard case.

You can turn your iPad Mini to the opposite side for a multi-angle view. Zagg has put emphasis on viewing angles as the hinge makes it possible to bend the iPad easily. There is a hidden stainless steel sheet which enables exuded protection and avoids impact damage.

Pairing the keyboard with your iPad Mini is easy. You just have to go to Bluetooth settings and then to the Bluetooth turn on button. Illumination is simple too as you just have to press the function character along with the left or right arrow with sun sign. Subsequently, you will get the range of colors. User-friendly operations and solid build quality make this custom keyboard case a good purchase.

4. Mama Mouth Tab A 10.1 Wireless Keyboard Case

Wireless with BluetoothNeeds charging every 2-3 hours
Special multimedia keysfor operationFragile keys
Case has a solid build quality 

This is a detachable wireless keyboard case which is particularly designed for Galaxy Tab A10.1. High-quality ABS Chiclet is used in this keyboard case which makes it compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows tablet.

However, the body can only fit the Galaxy Tab A10.1. There are special multimedia keys for pause, next song, search, lock screen, etc. This is a removable and rechargeable keyboard. Unfortunately, the battery is the lithium battery with only 200mAh capacity which can provide viewing of up to 2-3 hours. However, you can rest assured that the battery will last for at least two years.

The case also has a magnetic flap, but you can’t fold it towards the back of the tablet because it turns the tablet off. This is a major anomaly that the company should alleviate. The keys enable a good typing experience, but they don’t seem to match up with the solid build quality of the case. It is made of synthetic material leather and has a stylus look.

It is lightweight and easy to hold. Even though the custom keyboard is not as good as the others mentioned in the list, it just serves the purpose for a Galaxy Tab A10.1 user.

5. Cooper Cases TOUCHPAD Executive Keyboard Case

Multiple functionalitiesLow battery life
Solid build quality 
Good quality keys 

This custom keyboard case is designed by Cooper Cases for tablets of 8”-8.9”.

Coming with Bluetooth facility, this executive case is wireless and has a battery that guarantees at least 100 hours of usage. There are rubberized claws that hold the tablet from all the four sides. You can remove the magnetic keyboard tray to convert into a conventional folding folio case for your tablet. Check the pictures in the product link. The keyboard has a protective leather coating with a shockproof cushion so that the tablet doesn’t break if you happen to drop it.  There are 64 keys in total which are more like those you find in laptops.

There is also a touchpad mouse which is an add-on facility and extremely useful as you will not feel like typing on a typical keyboard case. It’s more like typing on a laptop.

The build quality of the keyboard is solid, and the keys are sturdy. Cooper Cases has provided 13 shortcut keys using which you can execute some basic functions on the tablet. The trackpad that comes with this custom keyboard case makes it all the more versatile. If you are in the marketing field and do a lot of work on a computer, this is the best product which will help you continue the work while traveling.


Custom keyboard cases are becoming an essential accessory because the corporate world is transforming from working only on computers and laptops to adapting towards more user-friendly and portable devices like tablets. In this scenario, a lot of companies are venturing into custom keyboard cases, and we hope to observe better products in the future.