Velocifire M87 Review- A Budget Friendly Mac Alternative

The Pros

The Cons

  • Compact layout
  • Brown Switches gives perceptible feedback with every keystroke
  • Pairs automatically with Mac
  • No need to install an extra driver
  • Sleek design and white backlighting
  • The feet occasionally slides
  • Some of the keys have tactile noise inconsistencies
  • No number pad

Why Use an External Mac Keyboard?

Looking to upgrade your Mac keyboard to a mechanical one; or did it just break?

It’s no surprise that your $1,000+ Mac has a very underwhelming keyboard – the keyboard is cited as having many issues and complaints from users everywhere.

Instead of having to pay a ridiculous $700 to repair it, you could just upgrade and buy an external mechanical keyboard.

Whatever the reason for your interest in looking for a Mac keyboard, Velocifire’s M87 is a great choice. This mechanical keyboard is budget-friendly, maintains the same layout as Macs, and is fully compatible with all Mac products.

Velocifire’s M87 – Our Review

Velocifire let us try out their M87 mechanical keyboard for Macs and I tested it for 2 weeks. In this test, I personally used it every single day and tried it on a variety of scenarios to ensure its durability and build. Below are the details of my in-depth review.

Summary of our review:

  • 2 weeks of everyday use in all settings (office, gaming, etc.)
  • Heavy usage and testing of switches
  • Looking at the quality of all features
  • Comparing it to other mechanical keyboards in its category

M87 – The Results

After having tested this keyboard for more than 2 weeks in all types of environments, I’m comfortable in saying that the M87 is a reliable companion to the Mac. It has the same layout and the switches are Jixian switches.

The M87 is a compact TKL (tenkeyless) keyboard that provides excellent portability, durability, and a sleek build.

Regarding the switches, the Velocifire’s M87 has Jixian brown switches that produce a nice and more subtle tactile sound when typing. The response is very satisfying and perfect for a working or office environment.

The keyboard is ideal for those looking for a nice Mac keyboard upgrade (especially since there have been a lot of issues with the current butterfly switches on most current Mac keyboards).

This is for the users who want to experiment, while still retaining their Mac OS keys and layouts.

The best part is it is very budget friendly! Moreover, if you want to customize or upgrade, you can just crack it open and replace the switches (unlike Mac’s default keyboard).

Velocifire M87 – Specs

The brand’s latest mechanical keyboard released for Mac OS comes in at a cheap price.

Further, this keyboard is specially designed for Mac users; hence, it has the Mac layout with the firmware matching 100% with the Mac system.

Key Specifications

  • The keyboard weighs around 1.43 pounds
  • It entirely supports Mac OS
  • The cable length is 150 cm
  • Uses a USB 2.0 connector
  • White LED backlight
  • ABS painting and laser keycaps

M87’s Key Features & Build

Overall, for its price, I think the M87 has decent features, especially when compared with other Mac keyboards. For example, the white LED backlights are a nice touch and not too overwhelming. In addition, the plug and play feature makes it quite convenient to use.

For the price, you definitely get what you pay for.

  • The keyboard is very compatible with Macs and already has the required key mappings
  • The mechanical keyboard follows the users’ behaviors offering firmware compatibility and keyboard layout, thereby making it a true Mac mechanical keyboard

Trusted Performance

  • 100% firmware compatibility
  • No requirement of Mac configurations, just plug and play
  • The anti-ghosting key rollover makes sure that the simultaneous keystrokes and commands are registered without any delay
  • From F1-F12, this mechanical keyboard has the same layout as the Apple keyboard. Hence, it makes it user-friendly for the Apple users. This means you don’t have to change your typing behavior

High-quality Mechanical Switches

  • The Brown Switches can last for more than 50 million keystrokes
  • Sturdy and robust ABS polymer material with perfect dust and waterproof effect
  • Laser-engraved keycaps will not fade quickly. This mechanical keyboard is durable in use as it is abrasion resistant

Ergonomic Design

  • Your fingers will feel more comfortable when you use the keyboard. The keycaps have a slope angle, and with the inclusion of the flip-out feet, your wrist and palm won’t get tired
  • The flip-out feet are extensive with rounded rubber pads on the base. Moreover, the flip-out feet will not lift the keyboard in abundance but will provide you with a choice for changing your writing dynamics.
  • The cables of this mechanical keyboard are well-designed to prevent any strain and have sufficient thickness. The wires are not braided giving a reasonable flexibility
  • The LED backlight allows you to type or play when the lights are dim or during the night

What is the Firmware Capable of?

  1. Remapping modifier keys
  2. Remapping keys for letter layout
  3. Designing hold key
  4. Creating a key macro
  5. Building a lock key
  6. Creating a leader key
  7. Creating new modifier keys

Final Words

Our review of the Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard for Mac will give you ample information on how a mechanical keyboard should work. The best part about this mechanical keyboard is its robust firmware that allows you to simply plug and play without any configuration required.

Even though it is low-priced, its features and specifications are exceptional.

However, if you need the numpad and are not looking for a TKL keyboard, then I suggest you take a look at our list of best mechanical keyboards for Mac’s, which includes non-TKL keyboards.