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Best Computer Keyboards for Kids in 2021

Looking for the best computer keyboards for kids & teens?

Being able to type quickly and accurately is a lifelong skill every child will need for today’s computer-driven world.

In nearly every occupation you’ll be forced to use a keyboard and computer at some point during the day as well as during your entire career going through school. With that being said, choosing the right keyboard can excel a child’s skills as it can improve both enjoyment and efficiency. Using computers regular keyboards can work but may not be the most effective as a kid’s keyboard made for educational purposes.

Kids develop an amazing amount of motor skills rapidly as they grow, so smart parents will try to introduce and buy their child to a computer keyboard to aid in their development. The question comes down to, when is the right time to introduce your child to a keyboard. Luckily, there are great options at every stage of development for your child!

Comparison Table: Best Computer Keyboards for Kids in 2020

What to Look for In The Best Keyboards for Kids

Price-Product Exchange

Before purchasing that keyboard with vivid colors, make sure that its performance is better than its visuals. Consider as a consumer if the product performs well with your purpose. Balance whether the specs and its features are equal or more than the price tag. Also, checking out reviews can prove helpful to you. Assessing the performance of each unit in the combo is valuable so that you are aware of what you will be getting.

Key Switches

Switches are responsible for the “clickety-clack” sounds, every time you press the keys. The spring-loaded mechanism under every keycap will determine the sound and feel when typing. You should consider how you like your typing experience, whether you like a quiet and tactile switch or something different.


Designs are getting smarter in every innovation. Ergonomic designs are important to prevent discomfort. Hours of gaming or typing often lead to wrist injuries and poor posture. Adjustable rear feet, naturally curved mouse and wrist rests are necessary features that you should look out to ensure your kid’s comfort.

Spill-resistant Design

Young kids tend to stumble on the ground or spill water when eating. In some cases, gadgets get wet because of their rashness. It would be a waste for a keyboard to be thrown into the bin after a water spill. Recent keyboards have been upgraded to endure spills. Improvements like rubber walls are made to lessen the probability of damage caused by liquid spills.


Keyboards do not come from the same mold. There are different keyboard sizes with corresponding key count and benefits. Full-size keyboards have the greatest number of keys and a number pad. This size classification offers your kid easy access to all keys.

TKLs (tenkeyless) or 80% keyboards lack number pads, while 60% offers a compact and portable design. Both the TKL and 60% provide a much bigger space on your desktop.

5 Best Computer Keyboard and Mouse Sets – Ages 7+

Redragon S101 Wired RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The Redragon S101 Wired RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard is equipped with tactile and quiet keys, built for a lifetime of gaming. You can adjust the backlight brightness and breathing speed with the “Fn” key. The keyboard is crafted to survive an average spill.

The Gaming Mouse sports high-precision sensors, delivering PinPoint Accuracy. Gaming Grade Micro Switches execute extreme responsiveness and durability. You can fine-tune the weight because of its advanced weight tuning system. The TEFLON feet pads offer a smooth performance.

Long mouse chordHard keys
Good for gaming and general typingMixed reviews for the mouse
Affordable price 

MFTEK RGB Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

With only a few keys, the MFTEK RGB Rainbow Backlit Gaming Keyboard provides your kid a lot of space to move his or her mouse. The letters are clear and will never fade as it is made with double-shot injection mold. It has 12 multimedia keys and an Anti-ghosting feature. It is ergonomically designed with non-slip pads and adjustable rear feet.

The accompanying mouse has 4 adjustable DPI levels. An atmosphere that is conducive for gaming is provided by the backlighting. The gadget is fast and accurate, which is something your kid will need for school assignments and gaming.

More space for mouseUnnecessarily long chord
Impressive backlightLoud clicking noise

HAVIT Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headset & Mouse Pad Kit

The HAVIT Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headset & Mouse Pad Kit is another combo at a reasonable price. The keyboard is equipped with 7 colors LED Rainbow Effect. It is energy-friendly as it has a power-saving design. Moreover, it has 19 Anti-Ghosting keys.

The extra gadgets effortlessly blend with the set-up. The headset has a 40mm speaker, adjustable headband, microphone, and volume controller. The mouse has 4 DPI levels and 7 light effects. Like any mousepads, the accompanying accessory has an anti-slip base and stitched seams.

Responsive keysLack of power switch for headset
Bright backlightsModerate sound
Mouse is perfect for precise gaming 
Adapter for headset 

EagleTec K005-BA PC Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Wired LED RGB Backlit Keyboard

For functionality, durability, and comfort, this gaming combo might just be the one for your child. Ergonomically designed, the backlit keyboard offers comfort even after long hours of gaming or typing. It has non-slip adjustable rear feet and boasts a spill-resistant design. According to reviews, the keys are quiet yet precise, obviously a good choice for gaming.

The backlit gaming mouse is equally impressive too. Backed with 3200 DPI, its comfortable design and excellent grip feeling are great, considering the price. With this dynamic duo, he or she can surely last long hours of gaming. The TEFLON-infused feet offer a smooth mouse experience too.

Excellent buildClashing backlighting colors
Great key texture and performanceMouse only illuminates blue color
Gaming mouse 
Affordable price 

BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headset Combo, USB Wired Crack Backlit Keyboard

Make your kids happy with this superb trio. The crack backlit-effect provides exciting visuals that is more than enough to take your kid’s gaming experience to another level. The characters are clear as it is incorporated with laser carving technology. Access the volume and calculator easily with its 10 dedicated multimedia keys.

Sweaty ears are primary problems with headsets. However, the earmuffs are made of breathable material. The headset has an adjustable microphone with high-definition sound output and functions well in audio-assisted games, while the mouse is ergonomically designed to endure hours of gaming.

Optimal gaming performanceShort microphone
ErgonomicMuffled sounds
Comfortable earpieceFeels cheap

Best Computer Keyboard for Ages 3 to 6

Once kids start to learn their letters and how to spell, they can start to learn to type on a keyboard. In this age range, a child doesn’t need to learn perfect form or typing technique, but it will be helpful for them to familiarize themselves with the layout of the keyboard. All computer keyboards for children should be a standard QWERTY keyboard because they’re the most widely used keyboard today.

What’s great about this Puggable Kids Keyboard is it uses extra-large keys, which are beneficial for kids in this age bracket that don’t have fine enough motor skills for standard size keyboard keys. These types of educational keyboards can help kids learn how to type much quicker. Also, the keys are color-coded so it’s easy for them to spot where the consonants are and where the vowels are. This will help your child learn the layout of the QWERTY keyboard faster.

Learning Typing for Kids 

Often times the best way to teach kids proper typing skills is through the use of online typing software and in-person instruction. Using typing games will encourage your child to practice by allowing them to have a lot of fun at the same time, but be sure to check in with them every so often to make sure they’re using all their fingers with proper form.

Here’s a list of great online typing games for kids

  • Typing Chef – This game is excellent for kids who wish to improve on their typing speed while having fun. Kitchen jobs are finished, by typing the words on the screen as fast as they can, until they finish the task or exhaust their game lives.
  • KeyMan – This game is reminiscent of PacMan. Typing the letters that appear on the maze lets KeyMan move until the ghosts reach him. KeyMan also improves the speed of your child’s typing skills.
  • Keyboard Climber 2 – The objective of this game is to let younger kids familiarize the alphabet. It has no timer, so the children can play at their own pace and recognize the letters that pop on the screen with no pressure.
  • Dance Mat Typing – Dance Mat is an exceptional game for kids who want to learn the fundamentals of hand positioning. The first level starts with the home row keys, and the preceding levels increase in difficulty as the rest of the letter keys and “Shift” key is used to perform certain tasks.

We have a list of the best keyboards for senior citizens as well which could be something kids could use as they have similar features. That sums up our list for the best keyboards for kids! Using the keyboards mentioned in the above list can be effective in helping your child learn how to use a computer keyboard much quicker than otherwise possible. Computers are becoming an everyday part of life and are being taught in schools around the world, so it only makes sense to expose your child to them sooner rather than later.


This guide discusses the best keyboards for kids. Just like adults, kids need a keyboard that works best for them.

Hundreds of keyboards in the market are built for their age bracket. However, not every keyboard crafted for kids, offer performance at a reasonable price. Premium qualities are not really for them, but a combo that is enough to appeal to their gaming experience is.

Conclusively, the EagleTec K005-BA PC Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Wired LED RGB Backlit Keyboard and the Redragon S101 Wired RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse emerge as the best in the list.

They’re a perfectly sweet combo of quality performance and affordable price tag make them the best candidate for your kid. Their build, features, perks, and ergonomic design make them ideal for enhanced gaming experience and typing.

Nevertheless, each mentioned combo is worth the money. Additionally, the final decision should be centered on your child’s specific needs and purpose. From the smallest detail to the obvious perks, everything is important.