Best vertical mouse for 2017

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Best vertical mouse for 2017

When you think about the standard computer mouse, the ergonomics of it has remained largely unchanged since it was invented in 1970. Back then they were more worried about just getting something that worked, not necessarily what works best with your existing physiology. Having your wrist twisted over to match the flat horizontal surface of the mouse isn’t a natural position for your arm. A “handshake” position with your hand vertical is much less taking on your wrist and tendons.

vertical mouse diagram

If you’re like most people nowadays, your hand is going to be a mouse for 8+ hours a day. Shouldn’t you make sure you’re using the most comfortable mouse possible? That’s what lead us to research what the best vertical mouse was. A vertical mouse can greatly improve your ergonomic hand posture and minimize issues like carpal tunnel. Vertical mouses are designed with the comfort of the user in mind and have been gaining mass popularity with everyday PC or mouse users. In this guide and list, we’ll take a look at the best vertical mouses for 2017 and then go on to describe the pros and cons of vertical mouses and how to use them.


Anker Vertical Mouse

We’ve done a full Anker vertical mouse review, and I still believe it’s the best vertical mouse for your money in 2017. You can usually find it for under $15 on Amazon, or around $20 if you want the [amazon text=wireless version&asin=B00BIFNTMC]. Our initial complaint with this ergonomic mouse is it seemed a bit small for an adult male’s hands, but after using it for a few months we can say it’s no longer an issue. Either through positioning the hand better or getting used to fingers being closer together than they would be on a normal mouse, it feels great to use now.

The buttons and scroll-wheel on this mouse feels great, and the adjustable DPI is a nice touch. This veritcal ergonomic mouse has all of the features of a regular everyday mouse except that its built for comfort. I personally have the wired version but for a few extra bucks you can get the wireless USB version. Give its low price, I believe that the Anker Vertical Mouse has the best value for those on a budget.

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Human Ergonomics Vertical Mouse

If you’re looking for a more feature-packed vertical mouse, this Human Ergonomics vertical mouse should have everything you’re looking for. Available in wired or wireless, this mouse has a nice ledge that your thumb rests on, and it has a nice ledge that comes off the side of the mouse for your pinky to rest on in case it won’t fit on the mouse. This mouse should work great for people with bigger hands as a result. The DPI in this mouse goes up to 2500, giving you maximum accuracy when you need it.

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J-Tech Digital Vertical Mouse

For our final vertical mouse recommendation, check out the J-Tech Digital vertical mouse. While not as sleek or stylish as the other vertical mice, it is very ergonomic and comfortable. The built-in wrist-rest is great for people with larger hands or who don’t want to feel their wrist moving around their mousepad.

The J-Tech Digitical Vertical mouse has an interesting design from the other vertical mouses on this list. As you can see, the extra grip through the side makes it much easier to use.

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Using a Vertical Mouse

Switching to a vertical mouse isn’t rocket science. It functions exactly as your old mouse did, the only thing that is different is the orientation of your wrist. As you can see from the picture below, the middle of the mouse protrudes outwards giving it a fin like aesthetic. The purpose of this is purely ergonomic.

vertical wrist position

Granted, at first, this will take a little bit of getting used to. The hardest part is getting used to your fingers being in a new position, possibly closer together than how you would use a standard mouse. You may also have an adjustment period where you’re not as accurate with the mouse, but this should pass after only a few days.

It’s that simple! The only thing left to do is pick one up, and enjoy your instant increase in ergonomics. That wraps up our guide and list for the best vertical mouses of 2017. Contenders that didn’t quite make the list include Evoluent mouses. I decided to cut the list down to the best 3 in order to minimize options and help you decide. There’s nothing overly special about a mouse and the ones on this list are more than sufficient to meet your ergonomic needs. If you’re looking to get a new mouse for your setup, I highly recommend you check out the ones on this list. Ergonomics is extremely important when your on the computer for significant amounts of time. Vertical mouses can solve many wrist and hand related issues via their ergonomic build.


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