HAVIT MP858 Mouse Pad Extended RGB

HAVIT MP858 Mouse Pad – Hands On Review!

Pros and Cons

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Do you hate it when your mouse drags off the mousepad mid-game?

That’s where desk-wide mousepads come into play.

HAVIT MP858 Mouse Pad might be, as far as I can say, an excellent desk-wide mousepad option to consider.

The HAVIT MP858 is a desk-wide mousepad with RGB lit rims and a sleek smooth surface.

Deciding whether or not this full desk mouse pad is worth the price? Read my full review below for more details!

Specs and Features of HAVIT MP858 Mouse Pad

  • This mouse pad comes loaded with RGB lighting options – 7 dynamic and 7 static light modes.
  • Powered by a USB type 2 cable.
  • The variety of lighting options ensures that your PC gaming setup stays fresh.
  • Non-slip, large mouse pad base.

Return policy – 30 day no reason return and a 1-year warranty.

The non-slip base, as earlier discussed, is another step to provide you with more control and precision. The design of this mouse pad is good – it is seamless, attractive, and coherent. Combined with the RGB lighting, the mouse pad looks like a masterpiece and definitely increases the vibe of your computer table. 

The large-sized mouse pad also covers all the major parts of your table, so, you’ll always have a gorgeous outlook of your gaming accessories in the mouse pad. For me, it is the mouse and keyboard.

Introducing and Unboxing HAVIT’s MP858 Mouse Pad

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The mouse pad comes in a box with a relatively simple design – the company’s branding and the name of the product on it.

On the back, I found the instructions and features of the mouse pad and finally, on the inside, I saw the mouse pad rolled and placed in a plastic sheet.

The rolled-up mousepad was expected since the mousepad is huge but other reviews suggested that this caused some defects in the mousepad – my sample didn’t have this issue and there were no deformities.

First Impressions of HAVIT Mp858 Mouse Pad

HAVIT MP858 Mouse Pad

HAVIT’s mousepad features breathtaking RGB lighting and covers a large area.

If you ask me, that makes it a big addition to your gaming rig. For my desk, it covers most of the front area.

Its aesthetics, however, go through the roof whenever I set new RGB light patterns. Not to mention the 14 presets provided with the pad. So, you will never be bored with the same pattern of lights playing over and over again.

The mouse pad has dimensions of 900*300*4mm which is more than enough to cover mouse, keyboards, and other accessories you might have on your desk like microphones.

HAVIT has included a grippy, slip-proof and side-stitched rubber bottom. So, the mouse pad provides a solid, slip-free base for your mouse and keyboard to ensure the best gaming experience.

Overall, after a two-week use, I had no issues or complaints with the mouse-pad. The mouse-pad never slipped and made an excellent addition to the rest of my RGB rig.

The lights can get a bit annoying sometimes but thankfully you can always change the lighting pattern or just switch it off.

Build Quality – Sleek & Smooth with Minor Issues

Havit mp858 mouse pad

Now, two things concern me about HAVIT’s MP858 Mouse Pad.

First, the stitching on the edges is too large and when playing FPS games, I found it a little annoying as the edge consistently rubs against my wrist. Some users also noted fraying on the edges – I didn’t notice this and the stitching seemed okay upon initial inspection. However, I have used this mousepad for only 2-3 weeks as of this writing.

Another potential issue is the optical sensor of the mouse “skipping” on the mousepad.

I used a really good gaming mouse and therefore didn’t notice any “skipping” but other reviews had some issues with this.

Overall, this is unlikely to be an issue as many factors could cause “skipping” such as a low-quality mouse or having defects or bumps in the mousepad. IF you do get any kind of defects, I recommend requesting a replacement immediately as this will completely ruin the experience of the mousepad. HAVIT has good customer service (I’ve used their service before).

Beyond those issues, this mousepad is worth the price.

The mousepad can withstand heavy weight without leaving imprints and the slip-free bottom does its job well. The RGB lighting effects are refreshing and the size of the mousepad is adequate for any gaming use.

Final Words – A Great Value Purchase

In total, I have spent almost two weeks with the mouse pad on my table as a daily driver.

By competitive gaming and daily usage, and with the experiences I’ve had with the product, I am confident that it is an excellent option if you are a gamer looking to amp up your rig at a relatively low cost.

Other similar-sized RGB mousepads can easily exceed $40.

To my surprise, the HAVIT MP858 mouse pad held a firm grip on my table. It provided me with good control and ultimately, efficient aiming. Even though I tend to put much pressure on my mouse and keyboards in the “heat of the moment”, the mouse pad held its place. This not only improved my gaming experience but also my controls.

I do believe that at a higher price range you can find better stitching and thread counts for gaming mousepads, but this one does a sufficient job in all the basics.

You can find the price on Amazon for a competitive price.

Overall, I’d give it a solid 8/10 rating.

Let me know how good this mouse pad proved to be for you. Happy Gaming!