Fold-able Bluetooth Keyboard

Slim Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard – Review!

Specifications and FeaturesFold-able Bluetooth Keyboard

The keyboard is available on Amazon for a really good price and encompasses the following features:

  • Powerfull 140mAH battery
  • 64 Key design
  • Premium Aesthetics
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Windows, iOS, Android Compatible
  • Mouse Pad (all touch)

It is a useful tool for people who work on their phone or tablet – who always need a keyboard available for day-to-day tasks.

The best feature is the portability of the keyboard. The foldable keyboard is easy to carry and is very lightweight. It also features a very premium mouse pad which adds more to the scope of this particular keyboard.

Moving on, the keyboard when fully opened has the dimensions of about 302 x 97 x 8 mm/11.9″ x 3.8″ x 0.31″ (L*W*H) and when folded, it measures 152 x 97 x 12 mm/5.98″ x 3.8″ x 0.47″ (L*W*H). This is a very good measure if you are looking forward to an ideal typing experience

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Unboxing and First Impressions

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The keyboard initially came in a very simple cardboard box with no branding.  Inside the box, the keyboard was in a plastic covering, in its folded state.

Overall, the unboxing was a mild disappointment as there was no branding of any kind and it seemed as though the keyboard was just stuffed into a tight-fitting box.

To my surprise, the keyboard held up very well and delivered a very fast and smooth typing experience. The keys were very soft and the trackpad worked perfectly on my Android.

Introducing The Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

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The keyboard has an elegant, minimalist, and up-to-date design. It has very premium aesthetics and useful features like portability and powerful battery. Yes! It does have a battery of 140 mAH.

There are 64 keys in the keyboard which ensures you have everything you need to have an excellent typing experience while maintaining its slim dimensions.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the keyboard works best in the range of ten to fifteen meters.

The keyboard supports Bluetooth 3.0. That means you can expect a really good performance.

Considering the time I have spent using this connectivity, I found it to be effective for both offices as well as home environments – its trackpad made it easy to navigate and its portability made it perfect for traveling.

The keyboard itself is very tiny and can fit in one’s pocket, which makes it very convenient because you can take it with you wherever you go.

You can avoid carrying a hefty laptop just so you can have a keyboard available for typing. With this foldable keyboard, you can rest assured that you can type in everything on your phone with it.

Overall Quality – Better than Expected

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At such a low cost, the keyboard provides a ton of features.

The thing that excites me the most about it is its overall “fold” concept which is the most rocking feature of this keyboard.

The Good Thing(s)

The portability of the keyboard down to a size that fits your pocket makes it an excellent choice for day to day active typists.

The battery can be recharged by the MICRO-USB port on the side of the keyboard.

While a lot of other options are available even in this price range, the keyboard satisfies me with its speed and almost “zero” latency. Judging from the technology point of view, Bluetooth 3.0 does the job very well.

The next best thing is the platforms it supports, and the variety of services that comes with it.

The pointer pad, also known as the generic mouse pad, gives Android users a pointer on their phone’s screen and window’s/iOS users are no longer required to buy additional mouse or track-pads.

Gestures are used as default input method by the mouse pad.

For example, two-finger clicks are treated as right clicks and one-finger click is the original left click of the mouse. After a few days of use, the gestures come naturally and provide a much more expedient navigation experience than you would otherwise have.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with the product and did not face many issues while using this keyboard.

The Bad Thing(s)

The foldable Bluetooth keyboard might be a good one but it is, for sure, not perfect. There are still some flaws in the chassis and manufacturing of the keyboard.

First and foremost, there is a squeaking sound whenever the keyboard is opened or closed.

This may be because of the rust developing in the hinges or a very tight assembly, but the sound is not something one can enjoy and makes the product feel cheap.

Secondly, I sometimes use iOS and the main problem lies here – the keyboard’s mouse pad does NOT support the iOS mobile phone system.

This might prove trouble with some of the Apple users. This can be marked as “negligible” by a vote of the majority of Android users but something to consider if you rely on Apple.

Third and last, the device doesn’t have a keyboard switcher shortcut. On iOS, you have to hold the down arrow on the bottom right corner of your screen to bring up the keyboard and switch them.

Other than that, all the other keyboard shortcuts work normally. I’m amazed by how responsive this foldable keyboard types and how comfortable it feels, especially given its low price.

Final Words about Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

The build quality and vibe of the keyboard is decent given that the product is brandless and has such a good price.

The comfortability of the keyboard while typing is also a feature very few keyboards in this price range have. They reach and the key layout of the keyboard is good and I faced no trouble at all while typing.

The battery life may be different for everyone based on individual usage patterns.

For me, I have not had to charge the foldable bluetooth keyboard using a USB-type 2.0 after I charged it – about two weeks ago, which works very well if you ask me. The keyboard will stay charged for the next two or three months, says the company.

Overall, I recommend buying this keyboard if the issue of iOS mouse pad compatibility and the hinges’ build quality is ignored. Especially if you are building a portable work station or need something on-the-go.

You can find the keyboard on Amazon an really affordable price.

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