Rosewill RWNB16A Review – A Sleek New Laptop Cooler

  • Five blue LED fans with powerful airflow
  • Six working speeds from the control panel
  • Adjustable height offers five adjustable angles
  • The size of the laptop cooler is perfect for a notebook
  • The control panel provided with the laptop cooler could have been more user-friendly.
  • The material used in the cooler appears cheap

So, Why Use a Laptop Fan?

When you use a laptop for a long duration of time, the operating temperature shoots up.

Such a prolonged heat exposure and component overheating can damage the laptop or cause system breakdown. The problem of overheating is particularly prevalent in gaming laptops because of the continuous processing of the graphics driver.

A laptop cooler fan lowers the system temperature and enhances the performance of CPU and GPU. Positioning your laptop on a hard, flat and non-fabric resting place also improves the airflow. This improvement in the heat transfer ensures that you have a seamless gaming experience.

Rosewill RWNB16A Gaming Laptop Cooler Unboxing – Sleek & Attractive

Rosewill RWNB16A gaming laptop cooler arrives well-packed in a simple white-colored cardboard box. The box displays the salient features of Rosewill RWNB16A gaming laptop cooler along with its dimensions.

The best part about the unboxing is the first impression. The laptop cooler is very attractive and you will notice the classy style and design.

Once you connect the cooling pad with your gaming laptop, the LEDs will turn out to be the most impressive aspect of the overall setup and more so if the room you’re sitting in is dark.

Reviewing the Rosewill RWNB16A Gaming Laptop Cooler

I am a professional gamer who uses a laptop between ten to fourteen hours a day. The heavy usage of laptop leads to overheating which leads to issues like abrupt shutdown and system temperature error. There are times when the laptop needs service due to the heating issue, and that disturbs my daily schedule. So, a laptop cooler is a necessity for seamless gaming.

Over the years, I have used some laptop coolers; and I can say that my experience with Rosewill RWNB16A is amazing.

This review of Rosewill RWNB16A is based on 3-4 weeks of heavy usage.

Build Quality and Style – Robust and Compact

Rosewill RWNB16A is made of good-quality plastic material. Even though it is one of the most lightweight laptop coolers in the price range, the overall build of the laptop cooler is robust. The corners of the laptop cooler are a bit curved and the overall design is quite snazzy, which imparts an attractive look to it. The placement of fans is perfect – the 125mm large fan is placed at the center while the rest of the four fans are placed in diagonal symmetry. This is a new arrangement by Rosewill which makes a positive impact on the efficiency of the laptop cooler.

There are two USB ports at the backside of the laptop cooler which are placed at the center. The size of Rosewill RWNB16A is 12 inches x 14.5 inches, which is perfect for a notebook. However, you will need a larger laptop cooler for laptops with screen-size more than 15 inches.

Fans and Backlights – Perfect Combination of Performance and Style

There are five fans with six modes and backlights with three modes. You can use the control panel to control the speed of the fans. There is an LCD display which is provided in the front-facing part of the laptop cooler. Even though the operation could have been more user-friendly, it will take just a few days for you to get familiar with it.

The best part about the fans provided in Rosewill RWNB16A is the speed control and consistency. Furthermore, these fans are fast and silent at the same time. This imbues continuous supply of air which implants continuous cooling of the gaming laptop. The blue backlights make the laptop cooler more stylish.

Adjustable Stand – The Special Feature in Rosewill RWNB16A

The adjustable stand of Rosewill RWNB16A offers five different angles or heights. So, you stay absolved of those cramps that neck-bend can cause. The problem with the stand is that it is not made of a good-quality material and therefore, it is vulnerable to damage. You need to be really careful while handling the‘adjust’ switch which is too fragile. Considering that Rosewill has invested enough in the rest of the body parts of the laptop cooler, this comes off as a bit of disappointment. However, you will hardly find five adjustable heights in a laptop cooler that falls in this price range.

The only downside I see with the adjustable stand is the fact that it makes the product much larger and heavier than it otherwise would be. I found that trying to pack the laptop with the cooler in my bag made if feel heavier and bulkier than a minimalistic counterpart.

That being said, having the stand was quite convenient and a nice additional feature to have.

The Editor’s Opinion – A Value for Money Laptop Cooler

Rosewill has been a great supplier of gaming products for more than a few years now. They do not disappoint in terms of product performance and quality. Furthermore, the company has been reinventing the product strategy.

Rosewill comes up with additional technologies and facilities in their products on a regular basis. With RWNB16A gaming laptop cooler, Rosewill promises excellent quality, consistent performance, and more importantly, durability along with an exuded comfort.

To sum it up, Rosewill RWNB16A is a value for money laptop cooler you can purchase in order to save your laptop from the issues of overheating that may even lead to permanent damage.

Image Credit: Rosewill