HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Review – An Excellent FPS Keyboard

  • The keyboard also has a braided detachable cable.
  • This is a robust gaming keyboard with portability.
  • The keycaps are lit with red LEDs that help in the dark.
  • Limited customization with the FPS Pro
  • The red backlighting can seem a little generic
  • The adhesive used in the rubber feet can wear out (according to others).

HyperX FPS Pro TKL Unboxing – Sleek & Stylish

HyperX FPS Pro comes in an attractive and compact cardboard cover. By using white spaces on the cover, HyperX makes a conspicuous attempt to display all the salient features of this gaming mechanical keyboard on the cover itself. The keyboard displayed on the box has red backlit switches. Moreover, the symbol on the upper right corner indicates the official Cherry MX Blue switches.

The first impression after unboxing of the keyboard was delightful, especially because of the sleek design. The gaming mechanical keyboard seemed robust to me and my first touch of the tactile keys made it clear that there are of Cherry MX quality and are comfortable to press. Moreover, the detachable cable is covered with fabric which is impressive for a gaming mechanical keyboard in this price range.

Unboxing HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Review - Mechanical Keyboard EDIT

Reviewing the Alloy FPS Pro

  • Prior to writing any review article, I always test all the keyboard for at least a few weeks (generally 3-4)
  • This testing includes heavy gaming, general typing, and bringing it around with me for everyday use (including work)

In the 3-4 weeks that I’ve had the Alloy FPS Pro, I can definitely say it is a very fun keyboard to use.

It has a classic red/black minimalistic design with gold standard Cherry MX switches. I wouldn’t use the Alloy FPS Pro for traveling as it is quite heavy but it makes for a great long term gaming keyboard. FPS and MOBA games would be a perfect fit; its TKL design will provide a lot of added room. In addition, its weight helps to prevent the keyboard from sliding around – something that annoys all gamers.

Now that you know how the keyboard gets tested, let’s get into the in-depth review!

Build Quality – Heavy for its Size

With keycaps made of the common material – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic, HyperX FPS Pro has a surprisingly great build quality. This is a heavy keyboard in which the manufacturer has utilized some serious material so that there is no wear and tear when traveling. Its weight also creates a stable base when gaming.

The rubber feet are good when it comes to supporting the base of the keyboard to prevent it from slipping. However, there are complaints that they don’t stay adhered to it for a long time owing to the bad quality adhesive used to stick them (though this has not happened to me yet). The frame of the keyboard is made of solid steel which imparts robustness.

Build Quality of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro - Review of Mechanical Keyboard

Given that HyperX FPS Pro is a Tenkeyless gaming mechanical keyboard, it is too heavy with a weight of 1.8 pounds. However, this doesn’t affect its portability. And, as previously stated, the weight helps when gaming as the keyboard stays still and doesn’t budge – an annoyance to gamers everywhere.

I would have liked the edges if they had some curvature as it would have added to the design of the mechanical keyboard. However, the pointed edges don’t detriment the gaming experience; so, it’s all good. Moreover, this is a personal preference for its aesthetics and I’m sure many people like the sharp edges, making it look sleek. The strength of the backside of the keyboard is unquestionable. Even though the feet come out, it is able to withstand a good amount of pressure rough usage. With wiggle-less keystrokes and moderate key thickness, HyperX FPS Pro never disappoints a customer in terms of build quality.

Build Quality of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Backside - Review of Mechanical Keyboard EDIT
Build Quality of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Backside – Review of Mechanical Keyboard EDIT


Switches of HyperX FPS Pro – Cherry MX

HyperX FPS Pro gaming mechanical keyboard has the traditionally tactile Cherry MX Blue switches but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun for gameplay or typing. These are the switches that are rated for more than 50 million keystrokes. So, you can expect a long-lasting companionship with them throughout your professional gaming journey. HyperX has shown utmost excellence and attention to detail by customizing the W, A, S, & D switches which are free from slipperiness.

Generally, the switches in other mechanical keyboards are a bit wobbly which affects the gaming experience but this is not the case with the Cherry MX Blue switches of HyperX FPS Pro. There are minimal scratch noises and the feel of the keys themselves are nice.

Build Quality of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Sideview - Review of Mechanical Keyboard EDIT
Build Quality of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Sideview – Review of Mechanical Keyboard EDIT

You will definitely appreciate the tactile bump of the Cherry MX Blue switches. The release point of the switches is above the actuation point, which may create a bit of a problem during the double-tap. A blue plunger and white slider support the mechanism of the Cherry MX Blue switches. Upon reaching the actuation point, the slider propels towards the bottom of the switch causing a click sound.

Switches of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro - Mechanical Keyboard Review EDIT
Switches of HyperX Alloy FPS Pro – Mechanical Keyboard Review

Keycaps Quality – Good for its Price

The keycaps of Cherry MX Blue switches in HyperX Alloy FPS are made of ABS material. This material is cheap and goes well with almost all options. The drawback here is that this material doesn’t impart a sand finish. Moreover, the paint shines faster than that on the PBT material. The keycaps have an uppercase serif style font and a center-top alignment, making it easy to read and comfortable on the eyes. The shape of the keycap is cylindrical which instills comfort during gameplay. Using the laser engraving printing method, the keycaps in HyperX Alloy FPS have the best print quality. Considering that HyperX has managed to give them a matte finish despite being shiny, these keycaps are one of the best you will find in a gaming mechanical keyboard.

Keycaps of HyperX



Overall Design – Classic Red & Black

The Tenkeyless HyperX Alloy FPS Pro gaming keyboard has a simple and minimalistic design with virtually no front bezel or top plate. This keyboard is perfect for those who want to save that extra space on the desk which generally the numeric keypad occupies. The USB cable is 1.8 meters long and braided which connects at the top of the keyboard. The compactness of the keyboard and the availability of the detachable cable make it very easy to carry during travel. As mentioned earlier, the edges are pointed in this mechanical keyboard. The metal layer of the FPS Pro is thinner than other gaming keyboards. The minor fault in the design is that the keys are placed very close to each other but it doesn’t lead to erroneous functioning, especially when you are a pro gamer.

The Special Features –  No Frills!

  • NKRO & Anti-Ghosting –

HyperX Alloy FPS gaming mechanical keyboard comes up with an anti-ghosting feature. You can use the software by EliteKeyboard Switch Hitter to check the authenticity of the feature. The N-key Rollover in the gaming keyboard instills accuracy during typing.

  • The Availability of An Extra USB Port –

The best part about the keyboard is the availability of a USB port. You can use it to charge your phone during long gaming hours. I would have liked to connect my mouse with it, if only it were a charge-through port.

  • The Game Mode –

You can put the keyboard in the game mode and pressing the ‘windows’ key won’t spoil your gaming experience anymore.

  • The Lights

This keyboard only has red backlighting. If that turns you off, then you might be best choosing another keyboard. The way the backlighting shines outwards from the keys is really nice but be warned that there are no customization options. The FPS Pro was clearly designed for minimal customization so that it could focus on quality and cost. And that’s exactly what you see with the lighting.

Editor’s Opinion – A Budget-Friendly TKL Gaming Keyboard

Generally, competitive gameplay doesn’t require most of the keys you will find in normal keyboards. So, the absence of the numeric keypad will not bother you here. Even though you can get a gamepad or joystick to play competitive games, the best option is a well-equipped gaming-keyboard that can provide all the necessary functions.

This is where the importance of the Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard comes into the picture and that’s the reason almost all the mechanical keyboard manufacture companies make a TKL variant of their existing models that fulfill all the gaming requirements. So is the case with HyperX which has come up with an eminently usable Alloy FPS Pro model.

This TKL keyboard by HyperX caters everything that a gamer requires and its portability allows you to easily stuff it inside a sack for traveling. The FPS and MOBA gaming keycaps upgrade kit gives you the option to swap out the keys and functioning for usage in respective gaming genres.

To sum it up, if you are looking for a professional, compact gaming mechanical keyboard with minimalistic Tenkeyless design and portability; HyperX Alloy FPS Pro fits the bill.

As of this writing, the FPS Pro by HyperX is only $69.99, making it a perfect under $100 TKL keyboard. Given its weight, quality, and durability, I’d definitely give this keyboard a try if you’re looking to get a tenkeyless gaming keyboard.