5 Best Keyboard & Mouse Combos Under $50

For gamers, it’s always a smart thing to buy a keyboard and mouse in a combo.

Such deals save money as keyboards and mouses are more expensive individually than purchased at the same time.

One of the most important things to look for in a great mechanical keyboard are the keys used in the keyboard – Cherry MX keys are considered the golden standard. That being said, keyboards that have Cherry MX are usually a little more expensive.

See below for our comparison list for the best keyboard and mouse combos available on Amazon (that are under $50!).

Our list has been made with the consideration of three important things

The Quality of Keyboard and Mouse

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional gamer or an amateur; you want a good quality keyboard and mouse. Additionally, a gamer always wants the keyboard and mouse to be durable to sustain those all-nighters of gaming (I know the feeling).

Cost Optimization for the Best Deal

This list contains keyboard and mouse combos that have optimum cost considering the quality of hardware so that the gamers get the best deals available in the market.

When it comes to quality – we truly care. I’ll look into all of the features, my own personal experience, and external feedback when compiling this list.

Overall Gaming Experience

Not all keyboard and mouse combos, no matter how good and expensive they are, provide a good gaming experience. We have customized this list with keyboard and mouse combos that provide the best gaming experience.

Best Gaming and Mouse Combo Deals for $50 or Less

Redragon K552-BA Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Mechanical keyboard with
double-shot keys
The keyboard is heavy
Compact designOnly 87 keys (Tenkeyless keyboard)
Premium large XL
gaming mouse
The fonts on the keyboard could have been

Redragon 552-BA Keyboard –

This is an affordable, ergonomic, and portable Tenkeyless keyboard indigenously built by Redragon for gamers.  It has double-shot injection modeled keys with the special feature of anti-ghosting. The knock-off blue switches do make some noise, but you get durability at the cost of sound. The keyboard is sturdy and resistant to normal wear and tear.

There is no num-pad which comes off as a disappointment if you’re not looking for a TKL keyboard. The design of the keyboard is splash proof. So, you don’t have to worry about water spillage because you can easily pull the keys and clean the base.

The Mouse –

Redragon is known for producing user-friendly mouses, and so is the case with the mouse that comes in Redragon 552-BA keyboard and mouse combo.

There are six buttons in the mouse that instill quick operation. The accessory also comes up with the Teflon feed pads!

Flagpower Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Three adjustable LED backlights in the
Letters are not backlit
Aluminum alloy panelKeys are a bit sticky
Numpad availableToo heavy for the size

Flagpower Gaming Keyboard –

Barring the minor anomalies like sticky keys and the absence of backlight on the letters, this keyboard and mouse combo is an irresistible deal.

It’s near impossible to get this combination of gaming accessories at the price quoted by Amazon. There are multimedia keys that are positioned for ergonomic design and comfortable usage. Although the keyboard is cheap, you will get professional gaming experience.

It is easy to use as you don’t have to download separate software for its functioning. The numbers are not backlit, which is a major letdown for a gamer. The space between the keys is enough, but the keys can get sticky – an issue that is resolved by the removable keycaps. You can always remove and adjust them. This is also a great keyboard for typing as the buttons are very smooth to press.

The Mouse –

The mouse is even better and more sensitive than the keyboard. The design and build quality of the mouse is reminiscent of a professional gaming mouse, and it is durable. There is a bit of a problem with the mouse wheel which the company will have to resolve. Apart from that, the mouse will be continuously on the active mode and provides a lot of color options.

Bluefinger Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Made of ABS materialToo heavy
Simultaneous operation up to 21 keys
without conflict
A bit of trouble with the
mouse wheel
Smooth mouse movementProblem with Fn/PS/L/PB
keys combos

Bluefinger Gaming Keyboard –

Amazing design, powerful build quality, and scintillation graphics – that’s Bluefingers gaming keyboard for you which you will never regret buying.

The LED backlight is excellent and comes off as a blessing during the night or in a dark game zone. It doesn’t make much noise. All the multimedia keys are at the top which instills a comfortable control over volume. There are 19 non-conflict keys on this keyboard. The keyboard is too heavy, but at the same, it is portable. Furthermore, the keys ensure precision as they are not sticky.

The Mouse –

Although there is a bit of problem in scrolling, the mouse is excellent and happens to be a great deal that comes with the amazing keyboard. It has similar graphics as that of the keyboard which makes the keyboard and mouse combo an attractive assembly. The solid build quality makes it durable, and the texture of the mouse pad blends well with the mouse.

ROSEWILL Gaming RGB Keyboard and Mouse Combo

RGB colors of gaming backlightHuge in size
Six dedicated multimedia keysThe absence of braided cable
The precision optical sensor in the

ROSEWILL Gaming RGB Keyboard –

I am in bereft of words for the way ROSEWILL has crafted this wonderfully designed and classy keyboard that comes at a cheaper rate than the ones made by other flamboyant brands.

The RGB colors for the backlighting take the beauty of the product to another level. The keys are non-sticky and impart a smooth typing experience. There are six multimedia keys on the keyboard which makes it even easier to use. You don’t need software to start typing or playing games on this keyboard. It is a simple plug and play device. The keyboard is made of ABS plastic which makes it a durable product. The switch type of this RGB keyboard is a membrane keyboard, which is surprisingly great and at par with that in a mechanical keyboard.

The Mouse – The presence of the advanced AVAGO A3050 optical sensor provides the much-needed precision during the game. You can easily change the dots per minute (DPI) as there is a switch for the same. The sensitivity of the mouse wheel is excellent as compared to the aforementioned ones.

EagleTec K005-BA Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Premium RGB backlightsThe keys are a bit noisy
Great build quality 
Ergonomic design 

EagleTec K005-BA Gaming Keyboard –

EagleTec’s gaming keyboard is a dream keyboard for any gamer.

Coming with the best quality backlights, the keyboard uses robust ABS plastic material, which makes it resistant to wear and tear. There are four backlight color effects, which is a rare feature in gaming keyboards under $50. Furthermore, the 12 multimedia keys and eight independent control keys imbue a comfortable gaming experience. Being a full keyboard with num-pad, K005-BA is a surprisingly lightweight keyboard. This 104-keys keyboard also features 25 non-conflict keys, which is an add-on feature. The gaming keyboard is also designed to resist minute spillage. Furthermore, you can easily take the keys off the keyboard, and clean the base.

The Mouse –

This is one of the best gaming mouses that you will find on Amazon. It has got 3200 DPI backlights with four-level DPI button, which is just perfect for a gamer. The mouse imbues a strong grip with exuded comfort; a quality that makes it a great buy for long gaming hours.


Gaming accessories are often different than the normal ones. The backlights and the quality of the keys play a vital role in gaming. Furthermore, the gaming mouse entails precision in terms of movement.

Apart from the aforementioned, there are many other keyboard and mouse combos that you can buy on Amazon. However, this list has been prepared considering the overall gaming experience. Even though buying a keyboard individually is an expensive affair; if you still prefer to buy one, but if you still prefer to, HyperX Alloy FPS is one of the best keyboards out there along with some other keyboards that go well with typing and entry-level gaming.