azio mgk1-rgb lights

Azio MGK1 RGB Keyboard Review

azio mgk1-rgb box

Azio MGK1 RGB Features

  • Kailh Blue mechanical switches.
  • RGB backlit keys.
  • Dedicated volume controls.
  • Detachable wrist-rest
  • Aluminum top face plate.

The Azio MGK1-RGB mechanical keyboard is an affordable RGB mechanical keyboard in a full-sized layout. The Azio MGK1 RGBl is a low-cost keyboard for the typical gaming setup or mechanical keyboard enthusiast. It comes with Kailh Blue switches, which are similar to Cherry MX Blue switches.

In this review, we’ll get hands on with the Azio MGK1 so that you can see first hand what the black sleek mechanical keyboard really look like. Check out below for the unboxing and review of the Azio MGK1.

Azio MGK1-RGB Unboxing

The Azio MGK1-RGB mechanical keyboard comes in pretty good looking packaging. The back of the box lists its features.

azio MGK1-RGB unboxed

Here are all the contents of the box unpacked. We have one mechanical keyboard, one detachable wrist-rest, a user guide, and a keycap puller. No software required!

azio mgk1-rgb side view

From the side of the keyboard, you can see the raised switches which are plate-mounted. The ergonomics of this keyboard are great. You can see the top metal panel of the keyboard curves around the back, and the side textured panel is plastic.

azio mgk1 rgb bottom of keyboard

The bottom of this mechanical keyboard has ample rubber pads for traction, as does the wrist-rest. Legs to the keyboard flip out as if desired.

Azio MGK1-RGB Keys and Switches

azio mgk1-rgb keys

The Azio MGK1 RGB mechanical keyboard has a unique font on the keys, it’s very boxy and sci-fi looking. The Function icons on the keys have white backgrounds and stick out quite a bit, maybe to the point of being distracting.

azio mgk1-rgb keys closer shot

On the navigation and arrow keys, you’ll find the function controls for backlights. You use the navigation keys to change the backlight setting, and the up and down arrow can be used to change the LED brightness.

azio mgk1-rgb kailh switch

The LEDs are top-mounted on the Kailh Blue switches. Unlike the HAVIT RGB mechanical keyboard, the switch housing isn’t clear, so the light doesn’t spill out below the keycaps as much. Below is a video of this keyboard in action so you can hear how the switches sound.

Overall, these switches are similar to Cherry MX Blues. They’re loud, clicky, and tactile. While not as nice as Cherry MX switches, I haven’t had any issues with these Kailh Blue.

azio mgk1-rgb media control

Right above the numpad, there’s a Mute button and a textured scroll wheel to quickly adjust volume as desired. This is a nice feature you usually don’t see in keyboards of this price range. All in all, the Azio MGK1 RGB is an impressive mechanical keyboard with full functionality and a great typing experience. The illuminated backlit keys are sleek and have standard customization optionality.

Azio MGK1-RGB Backlighting

With RGB mechanical keyboards, there are two main categories you’ll find. More expensive RGB keyboards produced by companies like Razer and Corsair have advanced lighting features and software that goes along with them. For more affordable RGB keyboards, you give up customization in exchange for saving money.

azio mgk1-rgb lights

As far as this cheaper variety of RGB keyboards go, the Azio MGK1-RGB is very customizable. There are 6 different lighting modes which I’ll go over now.

  • Spectrum Cycling – lights the keyboard in a single color and cycles through all possible colors. Unlike many other cheaper RGB keyboards, the keys don’t fade out between changing colors which is nice. You can also change the speed at which the colors cycle.
  • Splash – this mode has a variety of sub-modes that all exist various different ways of colors splashing across the keys. You’ll have to watch the video below to get a better idea!
  • Wave – the colors move across the keyboard in a subtle gradient. You can change the direction of the movement, but not the speed.
  • Color Marquee – Similar to Wave mode, but with the entire spectrum of colors displayed and moving across the keyboard at once. You can change the direction of the movement.
  • Custom – This mode lets you individually set the key color to one of 7 presets.
  • Reactive – You can set this mode to one of 7 preset colors, then on each keystroke, the key will light up and gently fade out.

Azio MGK1-RGB Overall Verdict

Overall the Azio MGK1 RGB is an excellent and affordable RGB mechanical keyboard that comes with a lot of great extras that you don’t often see in this price range.

The detachable wrist-rest, dedicated media controls, and braided USB cable are all nice touches that are appreciated. Those extra features while maintainin its low cost is what makes the Azio MGK1 excellent for gaming on a budget.

With this Azio, you’ll get the full mechanical keyboard experience without a sky high price. the MGK1 mechanical keyboard by Azio has been fun to test out and I’m glad I had a chance to review it. For a review of another awesome RGB mechanical keyboard, check out our article on the Corsair STRAFE RGB here.