havit keycap puller

Best Mechanical Keyboard Accessories

So you checked out the best mechanical keyboards on the market (or maybe you want something even cheaper?) and you’ve got the mechanical keyboard of your dreams! Perfect. Now it’s time to make it your own.

Keyboard Accessories

Keyboard Wrist Pad

A nice wrist pad can make your day a lot more comfortable and smoother. These Grifiti Fat Wrist Pads are the perfect wrist-rest solution for mechanical keyboard fanatics! Available in a variety of colors to match your keyboard, these wrist rests are extra wide for maximum comfort.

 Keycap Puller

You’re going to want one of these if you’re doing extensive modifications to your keyboard. It will let you work much faster and minimize the risk of damaging any of your components. This puller is designed for Cherry MX switches, but it should work on most mechanical keyboards.

Switch O-Rings

These nifty little mods will do a lot for your keyboard. For starters, they’ll dampen the clicking sound from your keys bottoming out, which may save you from your coworkers if you work in an office environment. For a sound comparison of the switches before and after, check out the video below.

Switch Sampler Kit

If you show up to a LAN party with this little number, you’ll be getting props all around. Purchasing a mechanical keyboard is a big investment, and there’s no easy way to try before you buy. It might be worthwhile to buy this sampler to ensure you get the ideal switch for your mechanical typing style.

Keycap Replacements

If your looking to add some extra flair to your keyboard, custom colored keycaps is a great option.  Whether you’re planning on replacing all your keys or just a few, Vortex makes an affordable kits in a variety of colors.

Keyboard Stand

OK, so this is really a laptop stand, but it works great for a keyboard as well. My full-size keyboard fits on it perfectly and allows me to stand and type at my desk with ease.