Redragon K530 Review: An Affordable 60% Hot-Swap Keyboard

Do you want a hot-swappable keyboard with Bluetooth and RGB lighting but you don’t want to shell out a ton of money? The Redragon K530 is an affordable 60% keyboard that boasts an impressive combination of features.

Let’s take a look at what this keyboard has to offer!

The Verdict:

Redragon K530 with green lighting in front of monitor

If you are looking for a clean, compact keyboard with premium features, the Redragon K530 delivers. But as a budget keyboard, it does have a few minor downsides that are important to consider.

First, the build and RGB lighting are super impressive on the K530. This keyboard has a simple design and legend font, but you can set up some vibrant lighting patterns to add your personal flair.

With hot-swappable switch sockets, you have the ability to change the typing feel or easily mod stabilizers on the K530. While having this option is fantastic, the switch sockets on this keyboard seem to only be compatible with other Outemu switches. I enjoyed using the Outemu Browns on this keyboard, but it would be nice to have to option to switch them out for other brands like Cherry MX or Gateron.

The Bluetooth 5.0 on this keyboard is a huge plus, you can connect up to three devices and switch between them quickly and easily.

The typing experience wasn’t the best I’ve ever experienced, but good compared to other budget keyboards. I was expecting the stabilizers to be bad considering the price of the K530, but I was surprised at the minimal rattling.

The Redragon K530 definitely delivers value above its price point, so I think this keyboard would be great for someone looking to get advanced features at a reasonable price.

If this keyboard interests you, it can be found on Amazon for a great price.

Redragon K530 Wireless Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard
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In The Box

When you open the box of the Redragon K530, the keyboard isn’t the only thing you’ll find. Most keyboards come with a few tools to help with keyboard use and maintenance.

A USB-C cable is included for charging or using the K530 wired. You’ll find the USB port on the left side of the keyboard.

There is also a wire keycap puller to take keycaps off without making scratches, and a switch puller to remove switches from their sockets. Make sure to use these included tools so you don’t cause any damage to your keyboard parts!

As this keyboard is hot-swappable, the Redragon K530 comes with a little box of extra switches. In addition to an extra Brown, there is one of each Red, Blue, and Black switches to let you experiment with the different feels.

Lastly, there is a user manual and a Redragon logo sticker. With all of the different features of the K530, the manual can offer help with getting things set up.

Build Quality

Side angle of the K530

As I hinted at earlier, the build of the Redragon K530 is quite good. There is a steel plate that offers extra support, assuring no bending or flexing. Budget keyboards can be pretty flimsy, so its nice to see the K530 perform well in this department.

The K530 is a 60% keyboard, meaning that it is one of the most compact sizes you can find. This makes traveling with your keyboard convenient as it is small and light. The size is also optimal if you have a cramped desk space to work with.

The K530 can be purchased in one of two colorways: black or white. I like how the design isn’t flashy and is free of obnoxious branding (though there is a small, tasteful Redragon logo on the front of the case).

The USB-C port is located on the left side of the case, next to a few switches for turning the keyboard and various features on/off. I typically prefer when the USB port is on the back of the case because you can use a custom cable without issue. For a keyboard set up like the K530, the cable must have a bend to accommodate the side port. For most people reading this, the included cable will be perfectly fine, but for those with a custom cable, the location is not ideal.

Its also worth mentioning that there is a single kickstand adjustment and some rubber pads on the bottom of the K530 to hold it in place.

Overall, I am surprised at how nice the build quality is on the Redragon K530.

The Keycaps

The keycaps are an interesting component of the K530 because they have a textured face and smooth, glossy sides. The keycaps are made of PBT plastic, which is the ideal keycap material and often comes at a higher price.

I think that the shiny sides of the keycaps help enhance the RGB by reflecting the light, so the colors and patterns appear extra vibrant (especially on the white model).

The font chosen for the keycaps is simple and readable, and they are shine-through so the lighting will illuminate the legends. There are some sub-legends along the number row to indicate the function row that was cut to make the keyboard smaller. These legends are not shine-through though, they are in a dark grey font.

The Stabilizers

I wasn’t expecting much out of the stabilizers on the K530, but I was pleasantly surprised with their quality considering the budget price. There is some rattling in the spacebar, but its definitely not unbearable.

The stabilizers are decent as is, but with some lube or other mods I think they could be further improved. Since this keyboard is hot-swappable, it is much easier to make stabilizer mods.

The Switches

Redragon brown switch close up

The switches on this keyboard are Outemu Browns, which are tactile switches. I find them to be a little louder than other Brown switches I’ve used before though.

I think the switches are pretty nice, rivaling the tactility and feel of the more expensive, well-loved Cherry MX switches. If you don’t like the feeling of the Browns, the great thing about the K530 is that you can replace them with another Outemu switch type.

If you experiment with the extra switches included with the K530, you’ll be able to see how the clicky (Blue) and linear (Red) switches compare to the tactile Browns.


What separates the Redragon K530 from other affordable mechanical keyboards is the features offered. Most keyboards in the price range of the K530 offer maybe one notable feature, but having the combination of Bluetooth, RGB, and hot-swap is pretty rare.


The ability to go wireless with your keyboard is super valuable. If you want to bring your laptop to and from work/the library, you can go cordless with the long-lasting battery life of the K530.

The 3000 mAh battery ensures you get tons of use out of each charge, helped by the battery-saving modes programmed into the keyboard.

The Bluetooth on the K530 can connect to up to three devices, so you can switch between an iPad and your computer seamlessly.

I wouldn’t recommend using Bluetooth while gaming though, because you will likely experience latency issues.

Hot-Swappable Switches

While I am glad this keyboard allows you to make some switch changes, the switch sockets on the K530 limit the options for doing this.

The switch sockets are only compatible with other Outemu switches, so if you have a different preferred switch brand this keyboard may not be a good fit for you. On the other hand, if you are looking to purchase a mechanical keyboard for the first time, this keyboard would allow you to try the different switch types-clicky, tactile, and linear- to figure out what you like most.

I will say though, even using other Outemu switches I had some difficulty with taking them out/putting them in. The switch sockets are definitely my main complaint with this keyboard.

RGB Lighting

Often affordable keyboards will boast about having RGB lighting, but in reality, the backlighting is dull and lackluster.

Luckily, that is not the case with the K530, the lights are bright and colorful. I like when keyboards have RGB lighting, because you can change your desk ambiance based on how you are feeling that day or what game you are playing.

I find it incredibly convenient that you can make all lighting adjustments onboard, but if you want to do it through software you can too. The Redragon software was easy to navigate and make changes.


Front view of the Redragon K530
Redragon K530 Wireless Hot-Swap Mechanical Keyboard
  • Upgraded K530 PRO - Function Upgraded YES✔, Price Increased NO✗, that is the ultimate brand-new...
  • YES! TRUE HOT-SWAP - The transformative innovation with 99.8%+ switches compatible free-mod hot...
  • 3-Mode Connection - Geared with Redragon innovative tri-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, BT...

I see the Redragon K530 as a great first-time mechanical keyboard for someone who wants to see what cool features a mechanical keyboard can have as compared to their regular keyboard.

The K530 has a solid foundation in its sturdy build, good stabilizers, and nice keycaps, but the advanced features are what draw people most to the K530.

The Bluetooth, RGB, and hot-swap (albeit limited) enhance the user experience, but not everyone finds them useful. If you don’t see yourself using these features, the K530 might not be for you. There are keyboards at this price point that perform better in terms of ergonomics/typing experience, but they don’t have the features of the K530.

The K530 is great for someone wanting to have all the bells and whistles, and for a good price. If you want to check this keyboard out, you can find the Redragon K530 on Amazon.

Happy Typing!