Velocifire VM90 Review

Velocifire is a relatively new company but has been pumping out some pretty awesome gaming peripherals as of recent.

They made an excellent budget gaming mechanical keyboard called the Velocifire VM70, you can check out the review here. In this hands-on review, I’ll unbox and take a good look at the Velocifire VM90.

Check out our review of this beast below!

Velocifire VM90 Overview

vm90 keys
  • Kailh Black or Blue mechanical switches.
  • RGB backlighting.
  • Media control hotkeys.
  • 12 different lighting modes.
  • USB pass-through port.

Velocifire is a new gaming company, and today we’re taking a look at their VM90 mechanical keyboard, which is the big brother to the Velocifire VM30 we reviewed earlier.

The VM90 is an RGB backlit keyboard available in Kailh Black or Blue switches. This mechanical keyboard has the typical full functionality that a gaming enthusiast will need. Let’s look at the unboxing of the Velocifire VM90 below.

The Unboxing

velocifire vm90 box

Velocifire is a very new company looking to make their name in the gaming market, and the VM90 is their 2nd mechanical keyboard available. The packaging is very clean and professional.

velocifire vm90 contents

The Velocifire VM90 comes with a detachable wrist rest (that attaches via magnets!), a keycap puller, and 4 red keycaps (arrow keys and Fn key). This is a mechanical keyboard aimed at gamers.

Unlike the VM30, this keyboard does not have a routable USB cable. It does have two USB plugs you’ll need to connect to your PC if you want the full functionality of the keyboard.

One is for the keyboard, the other is for the USB pass-through port. The VM90’s USB cable is non-detachable. On the bottom, you have two flip-out feet, and rubber pads to prevent sliding.

velocifire vm90 side angle

This keyboard has a nice key layout for great ergonomics. This makes for a great keyboard for typing.

Keys and Switches

The Velocifire VM90 uses Kailh Black/Blue switches. The Kailh Black switches are very smooth and great for both typing and gaming. The LEDs are top-mounted on the switches, so the RGB color effects shine brightly and disperse well.

The keycaps are standard ABS plastic which is great for durability. The font on the keycaps is bold plainer than the stenciled look of the VM30. We prefer the cleaner look of the VM90.

In our typing test below you can hear the Kailh switches in action.

The Backlighting

vm90 backlit keyboard

The VM90 comes with full RGB backlighting and 12 different lighting effects. These include modes like a wave, a raindrop of random colors, static single color, pulsing colors, reactive, sidewinder, ripple, spectrum, vortex, spotlight, and radar.

You can also customize 5 different customizable-by-key lighting profiles and customize the brightness and movement speed of the LED effects.

VM90 Software

You can download the Velocifire VM90 software here which will let you control the backlighting with great precision. You can also set macros from the software as well.

Verdict of The Velocifire VM90

velocifire vm90 contents

The Velocifire VM90 is a solid RGB mechanical keyboard, especially if you’re looking for something with Black switches. The magnetic wrist rest and USB pass-through port give this keyboard some great features for the price.

Overall, I really like this mechanical keyboard and think that it would be perfect for those just getting into mechanical keyboards. It has a lot of functionality packed into it and was a great experience to type with. Excellent for any gaming rig!