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azio mgk1-rgb lights

Azio MGK1 RGB Keyboard Review

Azio MGK1 RGB Features Kailh Blue mechanical switches. RGB backlit keys. Dedicated volume controls. Detachable wrist-rest Aluminum top face plate. The Azio MGK1-RGB mechanical keyboard is an affordable RGB mechanical keyboard in a full-sized layout. The Azio MGK1 RGBl is a low-cost keyboard for the typical gaming setup or mechanical keyboard enthusiast. It comes with Kailh Blue switches, …

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deck 82 keyboard

Deck 82 Keyboard Review

In this review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the notorious Deck 82 mechanical keyboard. This unique compact gaming mechanical keyboard is perfect for those that like a more light-weight or portable mechanical board that still has the nice features of a hardcore gaming keyboard. I’ve used Deck mechanical keyboards before and can say that …

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