EasySMX VIP003S Headset – Worth the Purchase?

Pros and Cons

The EasySMX VIP003S Headset encompasses the following features,

  • Immersive stereo Surround Sound
  • Fragile Construction
  • Adjustable mic with active noise cancellation
  • Requires adapter for Xbox
  • Large Sized Headband and Earpieces
  • Lights only work while USB is plugged-in
  • Strong and braided cord
  • Not 7.1 surround sound

The importance of audio in a gaming environment is undefiable. Therefore, having a good set of headphones is a MUST for every gamer out there.

Owing to this, EasySMX recently sent me their VIP003S gaming headset for review purposes. I tested and used the gaming headset for two weeks as my daily driver.

Introduction & Unboxing the EasySMX VIP003S Headset

Vip003s earpiece

This oddly named gaming headset combines the definition of audio enhancement with a quality gaming experience. I cannot name a better duo in this context without thinking twice.

Introducing The EasySMX VIP003S Headset

The most visible feature of these headphones that I found attractive is its RGB lighting system – located on both ear cups/head drums of the headphones. This gaming headset is designed with cool breathing RGB light to enhance the gaming atmosphere.

By turning the wheel on the right earcup, you will enjoy many different RGB lights and you can also choose your favorite colors.

You will, in short, own a unique, eye-catching and professional gaming headset with a super cool appearance and lighting effect.

I have done numerous unboxings and headset reviews, like that of the EasySMX VIP002S, which is the VIP003S’s predecessor model.

I have found the VIP003S model to be much better than the VIP002S for a few reasons. Mainly, the faults in the previous model like the sound quality, flexibility of the microphone, and a lot of other features have been improved. You can read the entire VIP002S review here.

The sound quality of VIP003S is not too shabby and supports stereo surround sound which gives a realistic audio experience. The 40 mm high-grade neodymium magnets provide a very clear and deep bass that not only sounds but feels outstanding.

The volume knob is placed on the left earpiece that makes them more accessible and the process of changing volume, easier.

Headset’s microphone is also adjustable in terms of position. Additionally, I think of this as the most convenient feature because there are times when I need to get that mic off my face and those times too when I need the mic very close to my mouth when I’m in a low profile.

The Microphone!

The microphone uses sound sourcing technology that will filter out any noise coming from the background and give you an optimum gaming environment while saving your team from hearing loss at the same time.

Personally, this is a great feature to have for any gaming headphone. Having a mic that does not filter sound can affect the gaming experience of your teammates if you have voice chat enabled.

Other people would want this as well because it is a very common and basic requirement. No-one wants air gushing sound to disband footsteps and whatnot.

Unboxing the VIP003S Headset!

EasySMX vip003s box

The unboxing experience of the headphone is somewhat average. The headphone had an ordinary packing in a cardboard box with a yellow strip that had the model name printed on it. Check out the picture for complete details.

What was mildly disappointing was that the box didn’t have an image of the actual headset and instead just showed the company’s logo in the front. The back of the box was not much different.

Inside the box, there was, obviously, the headphone with all the wires and accessories. They were all fixed in a plastic rest and the wire coiled around the headset. The mic was also attached to the headphone.

There was only a piece of instruction’s documents packed in the box other than the headphone itself.

First Impressions: Not Bad!

While we are at it, let me make something very clear, the headsets not only feel but also perform well. I’ve read online in reviews that they lack the sound quality they boast on their website but it is as expected given the price. The headphones are a good performer for me.

I read the specifications on the EasySMX website before I went to test them, and I was amazed to see such features like surround sound and RGB in just around $40. Then, after I received the product, I was super excited to try them on and I did.

A 7.1 surround sound would be a great feature in this headset like that of its previous model VIP002S because it provides a much better audio experience.

Although it is a personal preference and not something that can be referred to as “deal-breaking”.

Unfortunately, they did not perform as I had expected them to but they held up their ground quite well. At least, better than lots of other headphones in this price range.

Sure, they lack the bells and whistles of $100+ headphones but they are the best ones you might expect in their price range. So, first impressions of the headphones are not bad. To sum it up, I’ll give it a 7/10 straight.

Going Critical – Features and Disappointments!


So far, we have discussed the features, specs, unboxing, and first impressions of these headphones. Let’s shine some light on my experiences with them in the TWO WEEK testing period. Here’s what I found to be critical about these headphones,

  • The headphones can be connected to the PC or PS4 or Xbox using both USB and Pins. (Xbox needs a special adapter)
  • The very first thing that I would like to mention here is the overall build quality that I have found to be premium.
  • The headphones look very impressive while you are wearing them. Especially with the RGB effects, they are very comfortable. So, a solid 7/10 for sound quality.
  • There is one major problem in the earpiece engineering design  – The small screws at the earpiece that holds the headphone together are fragile and a little bit more from the normal bending force can easily dismount them.
  • The microphone of these headsets is particularly the best part, it is premium, advanced, and adjustable – You can also remove the headphone if you feel like it. I like this feature because it can come in handy in lots of situations.
  • It must also be noted that I found that the EasySMX VIP003S headset is NOT FULLY compatible with the Xbox controller.
  • You can use the ADAPTER to fully use the headphones with your console.

Final Words

In the end, I would like you to be the judge of whether these headphones are the best choice for you or not.

As previously noted, I loved the adjustable mic and thought the audio quality was average and nothing too special. Given the price, the audio quality is as expected and lighting on the headset is a great touch.

The adjustments such as volume and lighting are all made on the earpiece itself – which is an interesting design choice that I didn’t mind at all.

I have found no major problems other than the ones I have mentioned above. Therefore, I will recommend the headphone for gaming and other uses as well for its value and good performance scores.

You can find the EasySMX VIP003S Headset available for a good price on Amazon

Let me know how you found these headphones working for you and do share your thoughts about them in the comments.

Happy Gaming!