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Mechanical Keyboard Gifts for Christmas 2023

With the Christmas/holiday season fast approaching, it’s never too early to start planning a gift for a loved one (or yourself!). For us at Go Mechanical Keyboard, that of course means something keyboard-related! With holiday¬†spending back on the rise, there’s sure to be a ton of mechanical keyboards for Christmas sold this year.

We break down different gifts for different budgets. Let’s take a look at the best mechanical keyboard gifts for Christmas 2016!

Mechanical Keyboards for Under the Tree!

CoolMaster QuickFire Tenkeyless

We love this mechanical keyboard! Tenkeyless mechanical keyboards are a great choice for the majority of people who don’t work with numbers all day. This keyboard makes a nice, affordable gift that doesn’t break the bank.

Recommended for – typists, budget gift, people who want to try a tenkeyless keyboard

Corsair K70 – Gaming RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Easily one of the hottest mechanical keyboard of 2016, this RGB mechanical keyboard will put the light on your Christmas tree to shame! Incredibly vivid and fluid colors will make this a Christmas gift to be remembered and cherished for a long time to come.

Recommended for – gamers, people who like pretty lights, good boys and girls

Rosewill RK-9000v2 Mechanical Keyboard

The Rosewill RK-9000v2 mechanical keyboard  is the best full-sized mechanical keyboard you’ll find for under $100. We did a full hands-on review of the unit and were very impressed with the quality and overall feel of this keyboard. The professional and non-flashy look of the keyboard would make it great for an office setting as well.

Recommended for – first-time mechanical keyboard users, someone who wants a mechanical keyboard for the office

Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard

For the ultimate tech geek in your life, you gotta get the ultimate mechanical keyboard! In this case, that means the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate. Nothing says “cool computer geek” like the stealth look of the Das Keyboard Ultimate. Now sending emails feels like hacking into a top-secret server! You can check out our review of the Das Keyboard 4 Professional if you prefer letters on your keys, too.

Recommended for – computer geek who has it all, hackers and coders

Stocking Stuffer Accessories

In case you need a small gift to stuff into a stocking this year, here’s a list of great gift ideas for 2016.

Cherry MX Switch Tester

There’s no better way to pick out your next mechanical keyboard switch than with this 6-key mechanical switch tester. Get a feel for what feels best to you, including O-rings to test with as well.

Recommended for – mechanical keyboard newbies, perfectionists

New Keycaps

Nothing re-energizes the look and feel of your keyboard like some new keycaps! Start out 2016 in style with some new mechanical keycaps.

Recommended for – gamers, fashionable enthusiasts, creative types

A Lump of Coal

Nothings worse to a mechanical keyboard fanatic than a cheap, rubber dome keyboard. This keyboard has everything they’ll hate – non sculpted keys, mushy rubber dome keys, no backlit keys, and much more to hate! It might even be cheaper (and easier to find) than a lump of coal, too.

Recommended for – naughty boys and girls, enemies

If you’re specifically chasing a mechanical keyboard for under $100, check out that list to get a great gift without breaking your budget.

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