VictSing’s PC149: A Stylish Membrane Gaming Keyboard

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The VictSing’s PC149 is not mechanical but rather runs on a membrane design. At an affordable price, we excitingly received this model whose special array of features, were yet to be tested.

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The Pros and Cons of VictSing PC149

The Good The Bad
  • Lightweight and clean design
  • Hard to clean because keycaps are not removable
  • Affordable
  • Non-mechanical
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS devices
  • 19-key Anti-Ghosting technology

Bursting with a user-friendly design, VictSing highly prioritizes your gaming comfort and convenience. Come along with us and discover the wonderful features that the PC149 membrane keyboard has to offer.

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Check out the keyboard on VictSings official page here.

VictSing PC149 Specifications

Once delivered to our headquarters, the first thing that caught our attention was the VictSing’s sleek and suave box design. 

At first glance, this looks like an ordinary gaming keyboard with an interesting brand logo. It is surprisingly light but this may be obvious to some buyers since PC149 utilizes a thin, solid metal frame as its main material.

It gave us a nice typing feel that was responsive and efficient yet lacked the common tactility of most modern mechanical keyboards.

Once we connected to the Windows and Mac OS devices via USB wire, it was able to deliver all the commands without any hassle in a silent manner. Thanks to its membrane technology, you can say goodbye to distracted and noisome gaming. On another note, we would have preferred ABS keycaps since they wear out easily compared to PBT.

VictSing PC149 Features

VicTsing PC149



We already knew that this specific keyboard could dazzle and bring excitement to any room with its seven rainbow backlighting. However, what surprised us the most was the super-easy way to toggle between the color themes.

Its LED technology also allowed lesser heat radiation and lesser power usage when plugged in. Control of the various color lighting designs was managed without complication. It also conjured up some snazzy and cool wave effects that impressed me.

With all these eye-catching effects, you need to remember that the lights are not programmable.


Since PC149 has a wired connection, it does not require charging.  With its USB wiring design, they strategically placed the connection on the top part of the keyboard. This minute feature was greatly beneficial since it eradicated awkward wiring connections.

They also designed the keys to have 19 non-conflicting keys and 12 multimedia keys to maximize your controls and moves in the game.


The product included a warranty for possible repair.

But, what struck us the most was the sophisticated wrist rest technology. Its ergonomic integrated incline on the lower portion of the keyboard allowed us to relax our hands. It was a simple alteration that made all the difference!

  • The only potential gripe about the wrist rest is that it is not detachable, which might be a disappointment for some

Build Quality

VicTsing PC149

Designed to withstand the passions and excitement of any gamer, the PC149 proves to be almost invincible. At first, we were shocked by its very thin frame and material. Yet as we tested it day by day for a week, we approved of its durability.

Its metal frame was stiff and strong to the touch. It had a solid feel that ensured the keyboard’s stabilityDespite its metal material, it was anti-corrosive, wear-resistant, and crash bearing. It had a quality metal structure that raised the bar for other keyboards to follow.

Other Features and Keycaps

VicTsing PC149

Extra upgrades

Based on my previous experiences, one of the disadvantages of membrane keyboards is its inability to respond efficiently. However, the VictSing PC149 shut me up with its amazing rollover technology.

You could have your cat roll over the keyboard and every bit of its keys would be encoded. This only proves that this keyboard does not joke around when it comes to giving epic gaming adventures.

VictSing did not stop with the wrist rest feature. They also added an adjustable incline on the rear feet to avoid slipping.

You need not worry about eating and drinking during your games as well. This keyboard is spill-free, so you can spill your water without worry. This keyboard has a slight water resistance that allows you to spill some small amount of liquid without incurring serious damage. Note that it is not IP water-resistant.


At first glance, the keyboard had a very minimalistic design. The fonts had a neat and clean aesthetic. This choice on the engravings gave it a chic and modern effect. The use of ABS plastic on the caps was also understandable for us.

The PC149 was very affordable, but it still provided quality materials. ABS is mainly used for the membrane keyboards since it can maintain a light and shiny exterior compared to the matte finish of PBT. However, you might consider giving extra care since ABS prints can easily fade if not handled well. Compared to double-shot keycaps that have stronger moldings, ABS is slightly less durable.

VictSing PC149 Pudding Introduction

VicTsing PC149

In comparison to its mechanical keyboard predecessors, VictSing PC149 is much cheaper. Most premium mechanical keyboards cost around $100, while this one can be bought at $20.

This for me was already a great advantage. It meant that I could still acquire the high quality and design that VictSing gives in every product at an affordable price.

VictSing PC149 Review: Unboxing Process

With so many unboxings and reviews I have done, I can say that this one was unforgettable. It is not common that I can come across a membrane keyboard with the build quality at an affordable price! Not to mention that it has amazing features that leveled up my gaming experience. The overall packaging and design reflected the outstanding services that VictSing promises.

  • Compatible with Mac OS and Windows
  • Excellent roll-over and anti-ghosting technology
  • Commendable spill-free and writ rest feature
  • Dazzling RGB backlight glow

Conclusion and Rating

At the end of the day, I can safely say that VictSing PC149 will not fail you. Its basic yet essential features will provide solid value.

Silent and noise-free, you can game away into the night without disturbing your housemates. Enjoy the lights and glow without worrying about battery power. Have your adventure anywhere, with VictSing PC149 as your best bud!

If you are interested in checking this keyboard out, you can purchase it here on Amazon.