Fnatic Mini Streak Review: The Mini But Mighty Mechanical Keyboard

In this review, we’ll be unboxing and looking at Fnatic’s Mini-Streak, the TKL counterpart of the Fnatic Streak.

Overall, this mechanical keyboard is very similar to the Streak with a few minor and more convenient differences. Namely, a detachable cord, no numpad (which is better for most games and space), and a lower price.

If you want to take a look at our in-depth review of the Fnatic Streak, check it out here.

Pros and Cons of the Fnatic Mini-Streak

  • Priced under $100
  • High-grade OP software
  • Multiple and efficient RGB lighting modes
 The GoodThe Bad
  • Its selling point is undoubtedly its minimalistic form factor (it’s tenkeyless)
  • The build quality is premium and sturdy – a device made to last long.
  • The keys are very tactile and responsive with MX Cherry’s.
  • Fnatic provides you free shipping and 2-year warranty.
  • It’s quite heavy given its size.
  • Only available for purchase on a few sites
  • The Streak mini doesn’t have a number pad (TKL) which might be a deal breaker.
  • Lacks metal volume wheel and USB pass-through (unlike its full-sized counterpart).
  • The price is on the high end

Mini-Streak Review: Specifications

The mini-streak is the smaller version of the Streak with a size of 360 x 141 x 36 mm. After attaching palm rest, the size becomes 360 x 194.5 x 36 mm.

It has a weight of 704 g making a lighter than the Streak. It has 8MB of memory with a 1000 Hz polling rate. The cable provided with this keyboard is 2.2m and it is detachable. The cable is long enough to connect to the farthest ports.

It also contains Cherry MX switches of colors such as red, blue, silent red and brown. Moreover, it has an FN lock (which disables the functions of F keys) and LED nameplate to personalize your keyboard.

Let’s take a look at the main selling points and features of the Fnatic Mini Streak:


  • Media Keys

The Fnatic mini streak provides a quick control over music and videos with dedicated media keys.

  • Simple and customizable onboard lighting controls

The customizable lighting gives a complete “gaming zone” experience. Besides that, no software is required to adjust the lighting.

However, I prefer the OP software to make it look according to my preference. This provides great customization freedom and makes the keyboard look futuristic and unique. Moreover, there are eight lighting modes that provide the lighting effect according to the kind of games you are playing.

The onboard lighting controls also provide different lighting effects such as wave, pulse, ripple, and rain.

  • Key Remapping:

You can also remap the keys of the Mini-streak according to your choice. This can be done through the provided OP software (see below).

  • Performance key:

Avoid all of the disturbances by just switching on the performance mode so that you can dominate in every game.

The Unboxing Experience:

The Streak Mini comes in the traditional Fnatic cardboard box.

On the front, it has the Fnatic Streak Mini branding and on the back, we have the product description, specifications, and its features.  After opening up the box, you find the user manual, the warranty card, and the wrist rest clips.

As previously noted, this mechanical keyboard comes with a 2-year warranty and you can also use their customer service (as stated on their site). After that, you find the keyboard itself. Along with the keyboard, you also find the wrist rest which is very convenient and comfortable to use, even after long hours.

The Build Quality:

  1. The Streak mini is basically built of metal and polycarbonate making it feel fairly premium.
  2. The keyboard feels sturdy with very low flex.
  3. CHERRY® MX switches are industry’s preferred switches as they are reliable beyond 50 million keystrokes per switch. Moreover, it is dust resistant due to which the keyboard seems new even after highly intensive use.
  4. The keys are extremely tactile and responsive, providing the best in the class gaming experience.
  5. This makes it one of the world’s thinnest keyboard. However, despite its small size, at 704gms, this keyboard is still quite heavy
  6. As a gamer, I love to change the looks of my gaming PC setup. This is made quite easy in this Fnatic mini-streak. The magnetic tag is right in the front and center of the keyboard and glows with the lighting of the keys.
Design and Performance:

The Streak mini is as sleek and stylish as its elder sibling.

The RGB lights have 8 different light profiles which can be changed whenever you want with or without using the OP software. It measures up to just 28mm on its thinnest side, making it quite thin. The LED lights can be brightened or darkened and switched on or off through the keyboard.

As far as performance is concerned, the Streak mini never skips a beat.

The responsiveness, the refresh rate, the smoothness, the features and the tactile keycaps are just perfect. It is without any doubt, one of the best portable gaming keyboards you can find.

Other than its high weight, the Mini Streak is what you would expect from most Tenkeyless keyboards. It is compact and the detachable cord is a nice touch.

OP Software:

The OP software is Fnatic’s very own cross-platform and cloud-based software made to enhance the functionality of the Streak and Streak mini.

I tested out this software and as advertised, this software is highly functional and helpful. You really do not need any sort of drivers for the software and the keyboard. It makes it a very convenient gaming option as you just have to plug it in anywhere you want and start playing.

Other than that, here’s what you can do with this software

  1. You can change to lighting profile
  2. The brightness of the RGB lighting system is adjustable.
  3. You can remap the keys of the keyboard according to your preference
  4. You can personalize your keyboard by writing your name on the given LED nameplates via the OP software
  5. Users can even edit and customize the RGB lighting colors.
  6. Various features to make gaming more efficient.
Overall Thoughts

After using the Streak Mini for more than a week, I realized that how far the gaming genre of the modern technological world has come.

Mechanical keyboards have become way more functional and portable than they used to be. The Streak Mini lives up to the reputations set by the Streak and the Gear Rush. The only major downside to getting this and the Streak is that it’s only available on their site, BestBuy, or Amazon UK.

The only thing that might prevent you from purchasing the Mini is if you really want a numpad or the price is a tad high. Sitting at 99 Euros makes this quite expensive given that the Euro is a high-value currency.

If you’re looking for a gaming mechanical keyboard with a lower price, check out our best keyboards lists that are under $50 and under $100. They’re still great keyboards but may have fewer features such as the wrist rest or proprietary RGB software. Other than that, most of the keyboards on that list are excellent for those on a budget.

However, if you’re set on a feature-rich mechanical keyboard with all of best gaming functionalities, the Streak Mini is definitely worth a shot.