Velocifire TKL78 Review: Switch to Durability and Accuracy

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Velocifire TKL78 Review: Switch to Durability and Accuracy

A quick look

Velocifire, TKL78 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


$28.99 USD

Form factor

75% TKL (78-key TKL)

Switch and force

Outemu Brown MX Switch

Key rollover

N-key rollover

Keycap type

Double-shot ABS

Weight and dimensions

1.54 lbs | 11.7 x 5.2 x 0.8"

The good

The TKL78 mechanical keyboard offers a compact tenkeyless and impressive design which is also durable for travelers. This small mechanical keyboard is mostly taken advantage for gaming and office purposes.

The bad

Right shift is narrow which could be hard to press. It does not feature a print screen button, unlike the other models. There are no raised-feet on its tray.

Our Rating
Build quality
Keycap quality
Bottom Line

The TKL78 is an excellent choice for those seeking a compact and portable mechanical keyboard. Its relatively low price makes it optimal for those on a budget.

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Build Quality

Velocifire’s TKL78 mechanical keyboard looks just like of one of those mechanical keyboards that provide extra excitement to its users. Its ergonomic design makes it more reliable, and its size allows the user to bring it along while traveling. The mechanical keyboard has a unique layout with a smooth and slant delineation.

When it comes to its build, I can say that this keyboard is suitable for gamers and those who are looking for a smaller version of a mechanical keyboard. The TKL78 mechanical keyboard can fit in your hands as your press its crisp keys. Every keypress will be more relaxed and more cogent since it has 78 keys – allowing for more space on your desk/setup.

This small mechanical keyboard offers a precisely solid edge with its sleek back and side. It presents a diverse typing experience with its plastic uppercase. The keys can stand up to 50 million keystrokes regardless of heavy use. At times, I also experience some palpable feedback. However, it is very minimal so that light typists won’t have an issue with this.

The TKL78 mechanical keyboard also has a slope design which does not consist of a number pad. It is believed to be a 60% keyboard with arrows and function keys. Some, however, regard its unique style as a 75% keyboard due to the similarity of the number of plastic keys. The 78 keys seem slightly shifted to some, but it looks just like a standard keyboard to many. One issue that I had was that the right shift key is a little too narrow – something you must consciously get used to.

The slender aluminum plate doesn’t help much in controlling its stability. There are also no flip-out tabs at the bottom that people can use to adjust the heights. This means, well, you can’t raise it.

Switches and Stabilizers

Velocifire TKL78 model is equipped with Outemu Brown Switches which bring a tangible ordeal to its users. Although its upper case is made of plastic, using it in the office cannot be much of a problem. The brown switches under the keys are just awesome! You can expect a slightly reticent typing background. The reactiveness of the TKL78 mechanical keyboard is appreciable as it responds smoothly and accurately.

There are no dead switches, but they seem quite fancy if you’re not fond of the switch color. The PCB-mounted brown switches offer a tactile experience with transparent feedback. It also has a light spring-like edge which is similar to the blue switches. The only difference is that brown switches provide a quieter “click” sound

The cherry-style stabilizer holds the keycaps as it allows you to hit the keys and keep it responsive. The standard size of a single key is 1U, while the Backspace, Shift, and Enter carry the size of 2U. Just like any other keyboards, the TKL78 mechanical keyboard has two Shift buttons, but the one on the right uses a 1U stabilizer. I find this troublesome if you are used to the average size of the Shift key on the right side of the keyboard. This stabilizer helps in making the swapping of keycaps easier.

Some users had some experiences where some cherry-style stabilizers work pretty well with other keyboards, while others do not. I’m not sure what’s causing this discrepancy, but Velocifire did a flawless job with this.

Keycap Quality

The Outemu Brown Switch has slick linearity that reduces the noise it produces as you type. They are the ideal alternative to Gateron or Cherry Browns which have a gratifying thump that creates a soft sound. It got me a bit disgruntled with its rickety keycaps, though. You can say that the feebleness is a stumbling block for a more accurate and precise printing turnout.

Aside from its ABS plastic keys, the keycaps were also designed with bi-color injection technology in a laser-engraved process to avoid easy fading. The keyboard’s function layer appears to be cramped with its Home, Page Up/Down, and Delete/Insert keys lined up along the layer.

TKL78 Mechanical Keyboard Features

  • LEDs and Power Draw

The LED-illuminated backlighting is lit! It comes in teal or dark blue only, and you are not allowed to change it. However, you can turn it off or adjust the LED brightness in three to four distinct light modes. I managed to fine-tune it from entirely off to dim, regular, and bright lighting. It’s not that bad because the LED illumination and transition is smooth.

Velocifire designed the mechanical keyboard with a 500mA working current in DC 5V and USB 1.1 connectivity. The five-foot braided cord is TPE, but not detachable.

  • Software

This mini keyboard has an anti-ghosting feature which could prevent you from keying in characters that you did not intend to press. It also has a Windows key lock feature to prevent the gamer from incessantly hitting it when in-game. This keyboard works with Windows 7, 8, and 10, 2000, Vista, XP, Linux, IOS, and Android.

  • Spillproof

One of the characteristics I am looking for is its spill-proofing. Its back tray looks classy and shiny, but it can be prone to scratch, dust, and fingerprints. However, the keycaps are made of robust and durable high-quality ABS materials with dust- and water-proof effect.

Labels and Branding

Just other Velocifire units, this model is decent and classy. It provides a different typing experience for any user. Cherry-style brown switches with double-shot keys and anti-ghosting rollovers are particularly notable. But I cannot wait for Velocifire to do an overhaul of its keys to make it better.

TKL78 Mechanical Keyboard – Editor’s Opinion

If you have been searching for a portable keyboard with a compact design and affordable price, the TKL78 mechanical keyboard is one of those good choices! Velocifire retained the remarkable features of its previous units with a few transparent distinctions. Some say it does not meet the enthusiasts’ standards, unlike the Gram SE Spectrum. But it’s a great keyboard, nevertheless.

Velocifire TKL78 provides a satisfying gaming and typing experience. Its flimsy yet crisp keys offer a smooth transition and less noisy clicking sound. I can say that Velocifire’s TKL78 mechanical keyboard is something you should not miss out, especially if you constantly bring a keyboard when going out of town.

If you’re interested in other Velocifire keyboards, check out our hands-on reviews of the VM01, VM30, and VM90.

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