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Best wireless mechanical keyboard in 2017

Best wireless mechanical keyboard in 2017

Mechanical keyboards are without a doubt the king of the desktop typing device. However, if you’re building a home theater PC or some other setup where a wired keyboard would be a hindrance, a mechanical keyboard might not seem feasible. Even when it comes to smaller tenkeyless mechanical keyboards, they are almost always wired.

To solve this problem, we went out and searched for the best wireless mechanical keyboard we could find. The results are limited, but it is possible to get a wireless mechanical keyboard that will work for your setup. If the choices below aren’t interesting, we offer one more in our updated best mechanical keyboards article.


Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Comparison

Let’s start with an overview of our selection, then dive into specifics for each.

KeyboardForm FactorSwitchesBatteryBacklightingRangePrice
Majestouch Convertible 2FullCherry, various2x AANo30+ ft.View on Amazon
Majestouch Minila Air60%Cherry, various2x AANo30+ ft.View on Amazon
XArmor U9WFullCherry Brown2x AANo15 ft.View on Amazon
Rapoo KX60%Kailh YellowLithium RechargeableYes32 ft.View on Amazon
Matias Secure Pro60%Matias QuietLithium RechargeableNo15 ft.View on Amazon
Lin-Don Tech60%Kailh BlueRechargeableYes30+ ft.View on Amazon

Now we’ll provide some more details on each wireless mechanical keyboard.


Majestouch Convertible 2

The Majestouch Convertible 2 by Japanese manufacturer Filco is a full-sized, Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard available in Cherry MX Brown, Blue, and Black switches.

The Majestouch Convertible 2 is excellent for connecting to multipe devices – it can connect to 4 devices at once, and you simply switch between them by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Fn and 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Given that this wireless keyboard connects via Bluetooth, it’s perfect for syncing up with your smartphone or tablet for super quick and accurate typing on a mobile device.

The Convertible 2 requires 2 AA batteries which should last you about 6 months, and it comes with a USB cable which allows it to draw power while remaining as a wireless device. So you could plug the USB cable into a computer or phone-charger and operate the keyboard as normal if needed.

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Majestouch Minila Air

If the Convertible 2 is too expensive for you, or if you’re just looking for a mini mechanical keyboard, check out the Majestouch Minila Air, also made by Filco.

You can find this keyboard in Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Black, and Red varieties.

This wireless mechanical keyboard has a really interested, compact key layout. Unlike many 60% mechanical keyboards, you still get arrow keys and a delete key. However, many keys are smushed into much smaller form such as the spacebar key.

This keyboard connects via Bluetooth and can connect to up to 3 devices at a time. It runs off of 2 AA batteries that can last 6 months of daily use before needing to be replaced.

This wireless keyboard is an excellent option, especially if you want a wireless mechanical keyboard you can travel with easily. Being able to connect to a smartphone or tablet would make getting your work done on the road a lot easier.

The main downside of this keyboard is some people may not like the lacking keys, or that some keys have been made more compact.

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XArmor U9W Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The XArmor U9W wireless mechanical keyboard comes with Cherry MX Brown switches, making it one of the best wireless mechanical keyboards available. Very few wireless mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX switches, so it’s nice to have the option here.

The XArmor U9W operates on the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum and has a wireless range of 15 feet. The keyboard has the option to use a USB cable for power when your batteries is running low or dead, and has built-in battery saving features such an auto-sleep when not in use.

It should be noted that the keyboard only connects wirelessly via a USB dongle. If you plug the device in with a cord, it only uses the cord to power the mechanical keyboard, not to connect to your computer. The U9W comes with a detachable wrist rest, and runs on 2 AA batteries.

Since it requires a USB dongle, it’s not going to sync up with a smartphone or tablet nicely like a Bluetooth keyboard might.

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Rapoo KX Wireless Cherry MX Keyboard

The Rapoo KX mechanical keyboard uses Kailh Yellow switches which are a linear switch similar to Cherry MX reds.

The keyboard operates on a 5G wireless spectrum, which shouldn’t interfere with the other wireless networks in your home. It has a great wireless range of 10 meters, and a rechargeable lithium battery.

The Rapoo KX charges using a micro-USB cable, so you can use the same cable you use for your smartphone for charging. It also has LED backlit keys at adjustable levels.

This keyboard uses a 60% form factor, making it a great mobile option if you need to travel with it or use it wirelessly from the couch.

The KX has a top row of capacitive touch keys, which is interesting but might not be ideal for some users that prefer physical buttons. These capacitive keys double as media keys when using the function modifier. The Rapoo KX is also a great looking keyboard that you’d be proud to display in your living room or home theater. It’s without a doubt the best value wireless mechanical keyboard.

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Matias Secure Pro Wireless Encrypted Keyboard


The Matias Secure Pro mechanical keyboard uses Matias Quiet Switches, which are a tactile switch modified to be more quiet than regular mechanical switches.

The Secure Pro connects wirelessly to your computer via an AES encrypted USB dongle, which ensures everything you’re typing can’t be cracked by hackers.

The Secure Pro has a 1,600 mAh battery, which gives you enough charge time to last you for 6 months to a year on a single charge!

The Secure Pro polls at 200 Hz, which means it sends the keystrokes to the wireless dongle very frequently and you won’t notice a lag or delay while typing. The Secure Pro is also designed to eliminate any ghosting, which means it should be Full NKRO and handle any key combinations you need to throw its way.

This wireless mechanical keyboard has media function keys for fast control of your media. There’s also a USB port on the mechanical keyboard to use the charging cable to power the device. If you have it plugged in and charging, you can charge other devices through the side USB ports.

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LinDon-Tech Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

This LinDon-Tech keyboard is a bit different from others on the list as it offers some colored backlighting and a very cheap price tag.

This keyboard connects via Bluetooth making it a great tablet keyboard and also great for use with smartphones. It has Kailh Blue switches.

You can connect to up to 3 devices at once and it runs on a rechargeable battery that charges via an included USB cable.

Being that this is another 60% keyboard, you’ll have to be comfortable with using hotkey combinations in order to use all the functions (such as Fn + Backspace for “Delete”).

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Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard vs Wireless USB Dongle

The keyboards above connect using one of two wireless technologies – either Bluetooth, or via a wireless USB dongle. For most people’s uses, Bluetooth is the superior technology because it’s more versatile and doesn’t require a small dongle to keep track of.

With Bluetooth technology, a receiver is typically already built into most devices such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. There’s no need for plugging a receiver into the device in order for it to sync with the keyboard.

This is a huge advantage when you want to use your keyboard with multiple devices, as there’s no physical dongle you need to move around between devices.

Of course most desktop computers don’t come with a Bluetooth receiver, so that may be something you need to purchase separately. Something like this USB Bluetooth adapter would do the trick for only around $15.

If you have a wireless mechanical keyboard that requires a USB dongle to be the receiver, you’re going to be more limited in your uses. You’ll be find with laptops and desktops, but most tablets and smartphones do not have a USB port that you can tap into.

One thing you should note before you take the plunge on a wireless mechanical keyboard is you aren’t going to get NKRO or even 6KRO over a wireless signal, so if using complicated shortcuts is something you do often, you should check out our best mechanical keyboards instead.

Be sure you keep the above differences in mind when choosing the best wireless mechanical keyboard for you!


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  • recursive
    March 23, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    “It should be noted that the keyboard only connects wirelessly via a USB dongle. If you plug the device in with a cord, it only uses the cord to power the mechanical keyboard, not to connect to your computer. ”


    Its not even mentioned in the manual!! I was already underway to ship my U27 back, because – I insert USB in and remove batteries, keyboard works. But when in wired mode, I also pull the dongle (why would it need dongle, if it has access to full USB wire, right?) – keyboard immediately freezes the Tx LED in ON for several seconds as if it tries to send data through wireless with controller unavailable instead of switching to wire USB. Plus Linux kernel registers absolutely NO controller when wire is inserted or pulled. This all makes sense now.

    Still, you need to know that that miniUSB port on keyboard is FLIMSY and anyone with even basic soldering skills should really put more solder onto the tiny four points that hold it on the mainboard. The glue around it hurts more than helps, its flexible and will happily pull resistors with it when it breaks off.

    So I need TWO USB ports in Wired mode for U9 or U27! Thats not very true to call it “Wired/Wireless dual mode” as in manual… Its not really “dual”. But I guess, its still wireless and I had zero mini-wireless dongles breaking so far, so .. what gives. The keyboard is still pretty good, just that there is now only 6KRO and NKRO is not possible via PS/2 adapter cause its not used for connection.

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