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Best Quiet Mechanical Keyboards for the Office in 2023

The clicking and clacking of a mechanical keyboard can be music to your ears – but more than likely, the non-mechanical keyboard enthusiast at your work place won’t hear it that way. What sounds like fine engineering and delightful audio feedback to you may sound like annoying chatter to your office co-workers. Some of the best keyboards on the market are pretty quiet, but even they might have some competition from models in this guide, which are among the quietest in the world. In this guide, we will dive into what makes a mechanical keyboard enjoyable for work, efficient for programming, and our ‘best list’ for the office. 

Best Mechanical Keyboards: Ultimate 2023 Guide

Here it is – the absolute best mechanical keyboards of all time. Mechanical keyboards have been making a surge in popularity among the tech-literate crowd due to the superior tactile response and feel that a standard keyboard lacks. Here is a quick rating and comparison table of our top keyboards (which we’ve actually reviewed)