HyperX Pudding Keycaps: A Fantastic RGB Upgrade

Looking to get HyperX’s newest pudding keycaps? Here’s our full hands-on review.

Note that HyperX sent us the newer model of their keycaps, if you’re looking at the older model, check out our review of it here.

Give your humdrum keyboard a kick of excitement with HyperX’s Pudding Keycaps. Perfectly blending dramatic flair and elegant style, you will not be disappointed.

Pros and Cons

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HyperX Pudding Introduction

Companies like HyperX take pride in their creations. They are always eager to give every gamer their personal touch of excellence. Keycaps are the perfect way to do that!

By manufacturing caps for its line of mechanical keyboards, customization is brought to another level. Instead of buying a brand new keyboard, keycaps allow users to upgrade their keyboards and online adventures.

With that said, we were able to test their upgraded HyperX Pudding Keycaps that was released this year.

HyperX Review: Unboxing

Box design for HyperX Pudding Keycaps is closely similar to their keyboard packaging aesthetic.

Aiming to make the product stand out, red and white marble accents are utilized as a backdrop. The keycap characters are Standard English alphabet. When flipped over, the back of the box does not contain that much text, but ultimately highlights its RGB Led lighting feature.

What’s in the box:

  • Keycaps are categorized into three to create the 104 keyboard ensemble.
  • Product is sealed in a vacuumed plastic container.
  • A keycap puller.

The only thing I would have preferred is a plastic keyboard outlining that allows you to store the keys easier.

Since the keycaps are in an airtight plastic bag, it is hard to reassemble them once you change them out. I’ve seen the plastic outline done with other keycaps and they truly make the experience hassle-free.

HyperX Pudding Keycaps 2020 vs 2018 Model?

Similarly, this remodeled version of the 2019 keycap line comes in black or white. Looking closer, we were able to see slight differences between the older and current model.

This newer version enables more light to pass through. It gives more emphasis on the RGB color scheme with its maximized LED tech.  We were also able to notice a shift in the font design with its cleaner and sharper look. Additionally, the spacebar features the HyperX logo, while the shift and Caps Lock keys had the actual words printed on it.

Priced at $25 these keycaps will give you a run for your money.

Specifications & Features

Upon opening, we were pleased to discover that it is made with PBT material, a high-quality plastic material that makes the keycaps shine-resistant. This means a sturdier set of caps that has a longer lifespan and rougher texture.

On another note, the double shot design in the caps refers to the characters actually embedded into the keys itself. This would mean less fading of characters.


The keycaps themselves exude monochromatic elegance and sleek design. From its translucent material, the RGB light passes through gracefully, without giving off unnecessary glare. HyperX also equips it with a dual-layer covering that enhances the optical backdrop in the dark or in broad daylight.


Mounting and attaching the keycaps to your keyboard will be a breeze with its keycap remover tool. This device aids you by making the process faster and without a hitch. Using it will also prevent any damage that you can inflict on the keycaps while assembling them. This set also offers keycaps with different designs and inscriptions for certain characters.

Build Quality 

Created for your satisfaction, HyperX pulls all the strings by using PBT as its main raw material. If you want to have keycaps that will last for more or less an eternity, well then you made the right pick. Manufactured with the use of outstanding and tested PBT material, these caps have a sturdier feel compared to other models that use plastic. Polybutylene Terephthalate is perfect for it since it has an excellent crystallizing process that makes its molding process shorter without using too much heat. This allows the caps to be smooth to the touch but can handle tough conditions.

Keycaps – DoubleShot PBT 

Keycaps-Doubleshot PBT vs Others

The double shot design makes room for a longer preservation rate.

This is done through pad printing, sublimated dying, or laser printing. These procedures can be expensive, but the best results are yielded. Since the characters are not just printed on, but actually carved into the caps, you need not worry about fading.

PBT  is seen superior as compared to ABS keycaps, and other keycaps that are used globally. It is highly durable and the best choice when buying keycaps. PBT is stiffer and stays true in color even after using it for a long time, in comparison to ABS keycaps, which develop shine overtime.

PC (Polycarbonate) is used for translucent keys like the signature plastic keyset and also uses tough clear plastic but is not commonly used for general work. Although POM (Polyoxymethyleneor) can be very durable, these keycaps can be slippery and are quite expensive.

Double-shot PBT is considered superior to other keycaps if you are a hardcore gamer and user since your keycaps are under heavy usage.

The best part is refreshing a keyboard you love with a quick and cheap upgrade, as opposed to buying an entirely new keyboard. Replacing it is easy as the set includes a keycap puller. Although take note that there are different keycap sizes to consider. However, most keycap sizes use the same “+” shaped stem.

Conclusion & Rating

Give your gaming experience more pizzazz and excitement with the HyperX Pudding keycaps.

Its PBT material allows it to have that matted look that is resistant to oil and shine. Tough and sophisticated, HyperX Pudding keycaps can bedazzle, and put your customizing adventure to another level. Its doubleshot engraving can assure you that it will stay for long. It can offer you more than just an amazing aesthetic.

By using this simple upgrade we were able to give our keyboard more character and fun.

Of course, if your keyboard doesn’t have RGB lighting, these keycaps may not be for you. You can get plenty of fun and affordable designs on keycaps (like the Japanese AKKO we tested out) that aren’t necessarily designed just for lighting.