Velocifire K61W Mechanical Keyboard Review: Definitive Elegance

A Quick Look

The GoodThe Bad
A very compact keyboard, with a budget and consumer-friendly price. Offers several features as a kick start mechanical keyboard for anyone. With is 60% size it also utilizes as much space as possible – also its wireless.It has a tendency of sliding way too often, not having much support there when it counts. Its wireless feature can be underwhelming, only able to reach a maximum distance of 30 inches.

As of recent, Velocifire has been releasing quite a few new mechanical keyboards and have given us the chance to review them. Like all of our reviews, we try  to be as objective as possible and use other resources such as Reddit and Amazon reviews to ensure that we get all of the correct information.

The K61W is very similar in build and quality to the Wireless VM01 and the Wireless TKL01. 

Like the mentioned keyboards, the K61W has good wireless capabilities and is very budget friendly. Similarly, it uses Outemu brown switches and doesn’t have backlighting options.

As its name implies, the keyboard is a 60% mechanical keyboard. What this means is that the keyboard is 60% of a standard sized keyboard. It is a Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard, implying that it has no numpad.

These types of mechanical keyboards are made purely for convenience, extra desk space, a work environment, or something to carry on the go.

Let’s dive right into its features.

Let’s get Technical and Switch to Mechanical

A lot of people tend to disregard the huge difference between a mechanical and traditional keyboard. One of the most awesome features this bad boy of a keyboard beholds is it’s easy to use style and compact tenkeyless (TKL) size. Heck even I was shocked to find out something so affordable could be jam-packed with decent switches and good wireless.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

If there’s one thing I got from this wireless keyboard, it is how awesome a smaller one can be. I already don’t have that much space to work with on my desk back at home, and this just takes the kick out of it! Most of the time I just see my desk as a place to put all my things, but that suddenly took a complete 180-degree turn. The 60% size, lower weight, and wireless functionality make it very convenient to bring back and forth.

Less Clutter and More Order

Another thing I despise about my workplace is the number of wires that get mixed up and tangled. It gets really frustrating having to clean up and untangle them every so often. I find the wireless feature of this mechanical keyboard a lifesaver! Not only do I get a cleaner version of my work zone, but it saves me a lot of time that would have been used for cleaning up the wires. This also allows me to work in my many favorite “lazy positions”—like having the keyboard on my lap or moving it around the desk as I please.

Become the Good Neighbor

We all know those mechanical keyboards that tend to attract too much attention—instances similar to when someone is just normally typing but ends up sounding like he/she is whacking the keys to extinction. I myself have been both the victim and the culprit in this matter. I just hate the noise and find it really annoying having to listen to the endless amounts of typing, at least when im trying to work. The durable brown switch of the K61 wireless offers just the right thing; it almost completely shuts down the noise! Plus it is also very quiet as it uses Outemu brown switch.

Keeps Them Pesky Ghosts Away

One thing I find myself a sucker for is typing too fast. These have brought upon me so much bad luck that I’d wish to forget. Luckily for me, one thing I’ve noticed is how the mechanical keyboard fights against ghosting, making sure that what I type shows up. This prevents me from missing inserted characters whenever I accidentally brushed over the keyboard to reach something.

Advantages of the K61W Mechanical Keyboard

Call me what you want, but one great deal maker for me with this keyboard was the price. With the number of features it presented, it was surely going to be worth every penny. When I choose my keyboards, the price range is a really important factor to reconsider. I don’t think there is a need to be busting out broke just for a keyboard. With the price, it is quite the killer steal.

Another great deal maker for me was how it affected my lifestyle. The fact that it is of 60% keyboard size really helps me in keeping the place clean.

Disadvantages of the K61W Mechanical Keyboard

Just like many things in this world, I didn’t expect to escape scot-free from this deal. The K61W is not without its downfalls as well. One annoying problem I have encountered with the mechanical keyboard is that it slides way too easily. A person who takes pride in what he is expected to finish like me can’t be disturbed with sliding. I mean, come one sliding seems just too easy of a problem that could have been fixed.

Despite it being wireless, it’s lacking quite a lot when it comes to reach. The Velocifire K61 mechanical keyboard falls very flat when I tested it out for how far it could be detected.

To my disappointment, it couldn’t handle anything that was farther than around 30 inches.

Although being able to type far away isn’t a huge concern to most, it is nice to have the option.

Things to Improve on

For it to hold against its other competition online, it’s going to need an improvement with how slippery the keyboard can get. Perhaps a change in the material for the stand or rubber underneath would go a really long way. Heck, I can even say that this slight improvement might even bank in on more customers if done so correctly. With the importance of steadiness of the keyboard during typing or gaming, it is crucial that this is addressed.

Increase the range of wireless. I feel that there is an importance when it comes to keeping your word. Why go wireless when it can’t even go farther than 30 inches before it starts having delays? So if it says wireless, then it has to go all the way for that feature.

The current feature of it being wireless is very underwhelming and would cause people to choose wired over it. So bump up the strength and I can assure that more people will flock.

Overall Experience

I can say without a doubt that it is a mechanical keyboard everyone should check out. When it all comes down to it, all of the pros I have listed down still outweigh the cons. It may not be the mechanical keyboard for everyone to enjoy and appreciate, but it is surely one of the greater ones to begin with.

The very affordable price and sleek design that come with it are optimized for many daily uses. It can be easily identified as one of the best entry-level mechanical keyboards out there.

With a very minimalistic design, layout, and functionality, I can see this being a great companion for anyone looking to get their first mechanical keyboard to test out. Or if you already have one, this could be great for just daily typing that doesn’t require a top-notch polling rate that a wired mechanical keyboard would have.

Overall I give the Velocifire K61W mechanical keyboard a 8.1/10 stars as its final rating. It is a very good mechanical keyboard despite its price range, offering so decent features. It may fall short in some areas that are important for its foundation and sometimes lead to delay, but it comes through when it counts, a great starter pack keyboard for any copywriter or programmer.