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Top white mechanical keyboards 2017

Top white mechanical keyboards 2017

One surprising question that comes across to us surprisingly often is “what’s the best white mechanical keyboards“?

It seems that many people want a white keyboard case to match the rest of their computer accessories or desk. Finding a keyboard with a black case is easy enough, but not many mechanical keyboards come in white.

Here’s a list of the top white mechanical keyboards available today.


1. Havit HV-KB389L (Royal Kludge rebrand)

When it comes to style, the Havit HV-KB389L can’t be beat. This white keyboard has RGB backlighting and a really awesome side-backlight that runs along the entire case.

hv-kb389l blue side lighting

The keyboard only comes in Kailh Brown switches which could be a downside if you prefer another switch type.

You can check out our full-length HV-KB389L review for more details about this beautiful keyboard. You can find a rebranded version below, as the original doesn’t appear to be available.

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2. Vortex Poker 3

The Vortex Poker 3 is a 60% keyboard layout, which is ultra-compact and certainly not for everyone. This mechanical keyboard is available in both black and white.

This mini keyboard has a ton of features that gives you the functionality of a full keyboard through the use of different keyboard layers accessed by holding down different function keys.

If you’re interested in learning more about how exactly this keyboard works, I suggest you read our Vortex Pok3r RGB review where we go more in-depth.

This keyboard is also available in a Bluetooth model in case wireless is important to you.

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3. Aula White Gaming Keyboard

Aula is a relatively unknown brand, but they make an all-white mechanical keyboard that might be what you’re looking for, particularly if you’re after a gaming mechanical keyboard.

The keycaps and built-in wrist rest and gaming-stylized which might be a turn-on or turn-off, but it’s certainly white!

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