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Mechanical keyboard summer survey 2015

Mechanical keyboard summer survey 2015

Last week, we made a call for responses to our Mechanical Keyboard Summer Survey and received over 500 responses from keyboard enthusiasts around the world! Check out the infographic below, and some additional comments after.

mechanical keyboard summer survey


Favorite Mechanical Keyboard

The Pok3r was the most heavily favorited in a sea of different mechanical keyboards, with no single keyboard taking in over 10%. The runner up is the Corsair K70, which is a great mechanical keyboard for gaming as well as all around tasks.


Mechanical Keyboard Purchasing

We found that the respondents spent an average of $411 on mechanical keyboard products over the past year. The favorite store of choice is, then local stores, then online communities (forums like geekhack, /r/MechMarket, etc.).


Favorite Mechanical Keyboard Switches

A bit of a surprise, we saw Cherry MX Brown and Blue switches appear in each of the 3 favorite keyboard switch categories. Cherry MX Clear switches show up in the best Typing and All Purpose lists, which is a bit of a surprise since Clears aren’t used in many mainstream keyboards.


Favorite Mechanical Keyboard Manufacturers

Vortex, Ducky, and custom builds dominate the Overall and Compact keyboard lists. When it comes to gaming keyboards, Corsair and CoolerMaster led the poll.

On the subject of least favorite, people strongly disliked Razer. The likely cause for the hate is Razer’s use of proprietary mechanical switches which aren’t Cherry MX.


Keys, Keys, Keys

When asked about artisan keycaps, the majority said they don’t purchase any. Of those that do, the vast majority prefer Bro Caps.

92% of our respondents use the QWERTY layout, and most prefer some form of compact layout. 34% favor tenkeyless, and 30% like the 60% form factor.

Sadly, 63% of the respondents haven’t found the magic of the flipped spacebar.


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